Elon Musk, Neuralink, Edison ,& Tesla.

The contents of this article are only the view & . opinions.of the author ,I make no personal judgement on any persons herein: I have Heard of Elon Musk, but only after listening to a recent Ra channelling via the vessel “Sam the Illusionist” regarding Elon musk,s latest invention “Neuralink”did I decide to research this Centibillionaire.

I have now made the decision to write & share this post.

Elon Musk is a 49 yr.old South African born inventor, entrepreneur billionaire, his companies include ‘SpaceX” Tesla (electric cars)”The Boring Company” “OpenAI” & “Neuralink” a computerised.neura implant for the human brain..which he wants every human to have.

In order to gauge this outspoken MeMe..his own term.. mans energy without any judgement but from a perceptional stance , I discovered from watching a YouTube video from a few years back, that one of his role model hero,s was the inventor Thomas Edison (1847-1931)..he of DC direct current among other things, fame.

The interviewer in the video a bit puzzled asked ” what about Tesla?..” Mr Musk responded “we named my car company after him.. because the cars uses AC..I suppose he deserves a bit more credit, but Edison got his inventions marketed “..

To understand this man’s perspective I need to tell briefly the story about the relationship between Thomas Edison & Nicola Tesla..Tesla worked with Edison in 1884..he was promised the sum of $50,000 if he could enhance Edison’s DC capacity..Tesla discovered AC alternating current , which would enable bigger areas the use of electrical energy.

Edison refused to pay Tesla, for his work,..thus the two aspects of early electrical energy dc & ac was brought into the world..this duality caused what was known as the “Current Wars”..with Edison determined to discredit Tesla,s work.

Edison had already tried to claim the paitency on the light bulb, which was refused , as he never as was originally thought invented the light bulb.

Part of Edison’s tactics to discredit AC & therefore it’s inventor (Tesla) was to hold public meetings where he would electrocute with AC voltage animals , in order to show it’s instability.

Tesla on the other hand was a spiritual physicist, he was a good friend of Swami Vivekananda, & had a universal way of thinking..in fact fame, or fortune was not his way, he preferred his spiritually, which enabled him to connect to source & bring forth his ideas , ..he even discovered what he at the time though was the key to the universe, the numbers 3,6,9,..which is very much in use today.

So in conclusion, it seem,s like Elon Musk is more steeped in the energy of the corrupt, egotistic, inventor Thomas Edison, then in the more aware serene natural. Humanity advanment energy of Tesla,. Tesla knew brain enhancement was a natural spiritual growth,..The multi-billionaire idolized by masses Mr Musk encourages the implementation.of computer chips to enhance the human…is this not yet another example of the dark energy being shown to the world ..you decide..

Love & light to you all💜😊

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  1. Wow, great analysis, thanks!


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