Covid-19 vaccination: yes or No?

Dis-claimer:..I am not a Medical any information made in this article are purely from my own personal perspective.’ I have been asked many time about the covid-19 vaccination…is it safe ?..should I have it or not. First many People in the UK have already been vaccinated..with as of today only minor side effects beenContinue reading “Covid-19 vaccination: yes or No?”


There is no external control of you… you control your own body & actions… free choice can never be taken from you.. 🎈 freedom..GG

Landings on the White House Lawn. Lol!!

It was & still is often said ” if there are other life forms out there, why have they not visited or landed”. I laugh in joy. As over the years how many sightings have there been of UFO (not appropriate words really) craft..& often the same people when told this reply” it,s a hoaxContinue reading “Landings on the White House Lawn. Lol!!”

Joy & Celebration over Covid-19!!

Am I Create Joy, celebrate joy,jump,shout,stamp your feet in fun & laugh, play in a childlike way .how many times have you been all told to curb your enthusiasm, or have not let yourself go in jubilation & happiness because of what other people may think .go the opposite..embrace your play,joy, happiness, fun,.itContinue reading “Joy & Celebration over Covid-19!!”

I AM…Free..

We are all 🆓.. yippee!! Despite the controlling influences of Governments & society,in this 3D illusionary reality- It is only the ego space within us that feels the perpetual squeezing & fears our loss of freedom. Which unfortunately many many humans still succumb to. 3D reality is fed with with thousands of fear induced controllingContinue reading “I AM…Free..”