Emotion & Giving

Pin your ears back & listen .lol. Once we understand & finally have personal knowing (not just headspace knowledge) of the truth that each & every person chooses the circumstances they incarnate into on Earth, you can begin to look at all the pain & suffering that is happening to humanity from a detached non-judgementalContinue reading “Emotion & Giving”

A New Era of Co-operation

As we now have entered a new era/epoch/age, one of the major changes that has started to become a reality, & will continue to sweep the planet , is humanity working more & more in co-operation, not competing ,competing is a dying energy, co-operation is the way forward. The willingness to share & help eachContinue reading “A New Era of Co-operation”

More 11/11

Tommorow is of course is 11/11 an exciting time in our ,Earth’s & cosmic expansion & awareness.If any of my beautiful readers wish to experience the benefits of this truly amazing shift that is blessing & Bringing us into a new epoch, era, age..then you might to try this…At 11.11am tomorrow do a 33 minuteContinue reading “More 11/11”

More Lockdown=more time to enhance yourself.

Seems more so called national lockdown,s are imminent. Sadly the masses of unawakened humanity, think this is a negative ,fear time,   in fact it a time of positivity,a time to invest & work on.yourself while indoors,free from outside influences & pressure,in the comfort of your own home,. A time to reflect, meditate,exercise, pray,read,learn, & empower.Continue reading “More Lockdown=more time to enhance yourself.”

All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.

According to light & energy worker Jarrad Hewett, who is  renowned for his insights,techniques, & work, who I respect & admire, Earth has had 30 energy shifts this month…now I can only say this is what I call “headspace knowledge ” as fact, but can tell you as personal knowing, so being able to addContinue reading “All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.”

The numbers game.

Firstly before I continue, I wish to let it be known I have empathy with all the families that have lost somebody in the Covid -19 situation. According to the latest official numbers/figures, worldwide Covid-19 related deaths is 1,173,777…When this figure is related to the mass populace,most gasp,or shirk in horror, dismay, shock,or some otherContinue reading “The numbers game.”