3 Mystics

In the late 80,s I got interested in.mysticism..I read a lot of books in it..my favorite was “Christian Mysticism” by Evelyn Underwood.

A little bit about 3 historical female Mystics.

Hadewijch of Antwerp

Lived in early 1200,s she authored 3 books of note on mysticism “Letters to a young Beguine” which included a series of spiritual letters.

“Poems in Stanzas & couplets” & “Book visions”

“Letters to a young Beguine” holds the majority of her mystic ideas.. the most prominent bring is the idea “that the soul (created by god) in his own image constantly yearns to become one again with the Divine.

Angela of Foligno

Her life was one of both tragedy & inspiration. When her mother , husband & children all died suddenly, she became devoted to the work of St Francis of Assisi in 1291.

She experienced a powerful vision whilst walking to St Francis Shrine on a pilgrimage.

She was able to dictate her visions in what became the popular book “Experience of the holy Faithful”

Hildergarde Von Bingen

She lived between 1098-1179 & was one of the earliest known Mystics .

She was a child when she first received visions of God…it was only when she became an Abess, that she recorded her mystical experiences in detail.

A collection of divine visions known as ‘ know the ways” which eventually evolved into Hildergarde,s philosophies.

Pope’s,bishops & king’s consulted her. She died in the late 12th century & was canonized in 2012.

Three truly god induced women, inspiring in their faith to all that is… beautiful.

Love & light ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š ..GG

Ticking linear boxes.

The spiritual templates, pardyms,& potentials that are now available to us, are limitless, the old plodding way of enlightenment , where by you had to.tick linear thinking 3D boxes to be considered spiritual are dead… the you have to do this or that to access the god/ source inside you, as gone…the laborious task & disciplines of having to write or speak thousands of affirmations, & hours upon hours of meditation, & being a vegetarian, alcohol ,drug free middle class elite new ager is distant ,& dissaipating with Karma,.. there are no boxes now,all.boxes are limitation 3D thinking.. affirmations work efficienctly , meditation is a 1st class technique, they are do much more powerful now, that less is actually more…& The new tools, personal downloads & channelled information are so exciting & beautiful now, the sweet shop to use a metaphor is a vast array of pick & mix delights, the path to awakening is not a set of long listed rules or obligations any longer..it is not dependent on structure & criteria , it is joyful, blessed, benevolent & free…. it really.is time to enjoy it,have fun, relax & surrender to the wonderment & fulfilment of compassionate loving energy that simply wants to welcome you home.

I love god/source, light,& Humanity.. blessings..GG


In a recent very informative Jeshua channelling through the beautiful vessel “Sam the Illusionist”.(you can check his wonderful channels on You tube) .the subject of communication particularly through words was addressed.

Words are extremely powerful & can & are often used by the media to manipulate & misinform the masses.

Words can easily be misunderstood , particularly in channelled communication’s ,from spirit & entities, 3D linear thinking & verbalization can easily change the meaning of things, so in order for humans to grasp or get a understanding metaphors are often used to describe things.

Verbal communication (words) particularly with the language barriers in the world & because of the vibrant power of sound help create our life & society..we have all through our use.of verbal words helped create the limitations in our 3D linear low energy society.

As part of humanities evolution our way of communicating needs to & will change..a more syncint clarity in communication with others & our understanding of God/source & how the spiritual system works is needed.

Telepathic communication is the way our higher dimensional brothers & sisters of light communicate with each other, that & the spoken beautiful language of light , which is begining to grow among many humans (me included, I use it frequently) it is innate in all of us…I have spoken ..pun intended lol..about light language in previous posts.

Telepathy however is a form of conscious thought communication , instantaneous,direct,& pure, enabling mass Humanity to be contacted & connected to, with clarity & understanding..it is similar to how we as individuals hear our own spirit,god,source communication’s..this will.happen it is already in the field of potentials of awakening humanity.

Keeping in line with subject I think it is appropriate to send you all a light language blessing..In benevolence love..GG๐Ÿ’š

Unity with Gaia.

Reminder:. Our consciousness alters Gaia,s, by respecting & honouring Gaia, you honour & respect yourself ,as well as a beautiful goddess & mother …WIN WIN.

Light blessings GG


Train yourself to share only love, compassion, benevolence,joy, happiness,laughter,wealth,abundance & gratitude..

You are all worthy, beautiful & magnificent..& I love you all exactly as you are…๐Ÿ’ฏ. GG

Reminder about Sin .๐Ÿคช

“Sin is anything that displeases god”

Reminder” nothing displeases god/source..it is pure love”

Mankind created sin in dark energy , it is – always will be 3D linear created thinking.

I love you ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ซ…GG


The purpose of the Pleiadians was to seed planet Earth..they choose our particular species of human out of about 18 others for this task..they gave us 23 pairs of chromosomes (46). That biologists have discovered, everything else has 24..except we do have a 24th pair, that is our evolutionary weapon to becoming a multi-dimensional ,super new human..it is our quantum pair, this pair became active in the new energy ..it will change our dna, & means we can now unlike previously have a new past life awareness, ..where our dreams & visions are of benevolence, love,happiness ,joy, & a clear remembering of being male & female,..the number 24 (chromosome ) in numerology is 6, which is the perfect number, balance…we will have an awakening of past wisdom, a knowing of the things in the past we no longer want, ..& be able to see the potentials available in our future lives, enabling us to through free choice ,choose our next lifes circumstances in this life, something again that has never been available to humans..& this added dna chromosome.will.mean our body will become quantum..which means it will be inmune to any disease.or illness that is in 3/4 D consciousness..these conditions cannot penetrate the higher consciousness, they are 3D dark energy constructs..this of course will enable us to live much much longer, our body will not age because it will not deteriate itself having to fight such things….this is only some of the evolution that we are (Humanity) capable of…& We can start that process now, the new energy allow this, simple ask with intent ,give permission for your body to activate it’s innate ,dna,Akosh magnificent remembering.. the new affirmations directed solely for this purpose..know your magnificence, beauty,& graceful power.

I love you all in Grace,respect, benevolence & love ..GG


There is no external control of you… you control your own body & actions… free choice can never be taken from you..

๐ŸŽˆ..in freedom..GG


Use the bowl of light to send negativity home .

Much love ๐ŸŒ …GG

Florinda Donner

Florinda Donner (1944-1998 dissapeared) was one of the 3 sorcerer witches associated with the sorcerer Carlos Castaneda..her work & activities included indigenous healing,sorcery,& lucid dreaming.

Her books include “The witches dream ” & “Being in Dreaming” (Harper Collins 1992) one of my favorite books.

In her own words “sorcerers are interested in the Inherent capability to see energy directly. They describe their knowledge as the pursuant of this capacity to see the essence of thing’s.

What one normally dose in everyday life is to perceive a world one already knows & just revalidate it.

Most people are limited in terms of what they see. What sorcerers want to do is expand the limits the parameters ,of normal perception..not only do sorcerers see energy directly, we relate to it differently then most people

Our whole spectrum of what we are capable of as humans beings. One,s choices in life are very limited , because the choices have been defined by social order.

Society sets up the options & the individual dose the rest, because the options are only those that have been made available, one,s only source of possibilities it seems comes from those limitations..we try to break the barriers that block our potentials*.

Carlos Castenada was no more in 1998, ..the last time Florinda Donner & the other sorcerer/witches were seen were the day after his death, they all simply dissapeared (which is part of the Toltec sorcerer,s teachings)..see “Teachings of Don Juan” ..by Carlos Castaneda.

When I studied Lucid dreaming & being in dreaming in the early 90,s it was at the time in readably revealing for me.

You have my blessings in light..๐Ÿ’•..GG