A ego runs amok

A tale of the ego..

Ms X was driving her very very expensive brand new sports car.

She parked & opened her door roadside, Crash, Splat, Crunch..as a passing car hit her opened door ripping it from it’s hinges.

There were lot of people around watching this as Ms X screamed ” OMG!! My door , my car”..A kindly woman urges ” Madam your car door is nothing, look at your arm it’s on the floor”..Ms X looked at her arm on the floor & replied ” forget the arm , look at the state of my new Rolex”.

A controlled ego is beautiful & helpful,..but when it runs amok…

Bless bless you all in honour , respect & love πŸ’›πŸ’š…GG


“How to move simultaneously to anywhere in the universe”


LOL.. So what is the relevance of the seagull in the title?..have you guessed!…lol..ok ok..the above “Quotes” are from a wonderful book by Richard Bach called ” Jonathan Livingston Seagull” published in 1973 by McMillan.

This is a truly beautiful novella, well worth a read…it was one of my very early reads on my journey to enlightenment & expansion.

The book book tells the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a Seagull bored with daily living & squabbling over food. His unending willingness to conform results in his expulsion from the flock.

He meets two gulls when on a random flight,who take him to a place of higher existence, where there is a beautiful world found through perfection of knowledge.

Jonathan befriends the wisest Gull, named “Chiang” who takes him beyond his previous self beliefs & education.

A simply written, easy to read book…

Much blessings & love πŸ’œ GG

A Plethora of tools: Recap

I have presented you a plethora of tools which I know have worked for me on a personal level for years.

A treasure trove of gifts that I have accumulated & used on my journey…these tools I learnt from a variety of wonderful teachers, & gurus. Personal experiences that each & everyone of you, should you wish use.

With the Advent of modern technology the actual physical activity of doing disciplines has somewhat been overlooked .

It’s marvellous that the simple plugin of earphones or headphones & listening to frequency music or guided meditations you can access high levels of transformational expansion, making it so much easier then 30/35 yrs ago. Such is the progress that mankind made. Hundreds of thousands have the chance to understand themselves,others,higher light beings, planet Earth, the cosmos,& source itself .

There is however always a place for practical excercises, where you can see energy, & feel progress in physical reality.

So here is a recap of the hidden workshop so cunningly embedded in my musings…lolπŸ˜‡.

1: The Ear buzz. See buzz light ear.

2:Continued yawning . See The big yawn

3:back twinges: see The back drop.

4:Mind flip: see Mind Expansion (nectars cube)

5:Speckled mist anomaly:..see 5th dimensional overlay

6: Disappearing hand ; see disappearing hand

7: remembering your dreams: see Lucid dreaming.

8:Time expansion: see expanding time.

9: other lives: see an exercise in seeing your multiple lives.

10: seeing your own energy: An example of personal energy.

11: Head & πŸ’–unity:..see head & heart in unity.

12: Discover your light language: see The beautiful language of light.

There you go…a dozen things you can should you wish try…Take care..love love πŸ’•…GG

The Giving Up Syndrome.

I recently saw on a spiritual forum blog, a post wherein the author simply said they were giving it all up. (There quest, spiritual journey or whatever you call it). The reason stated was they were frustrated ,feeling they could not get any further, despite doing regular discipline,s .

There were numerous responses, to this post & nearly all stated this post reflected how they felt.

To be honest this is a all to familiar scenario, that point you reach where you feel you are not getting anywhere, that next barrier you feel you cannot breach ( been there to many times to mention)…lol…& In truth everybody on an inner I am journey , at some point has this sense of frustration…I call this the giving up syndrome.

Planet Earth is going through massive energy change right now & this energy shift is being seen or felt or both by everyone in one way or another…whoever said there was an end to our expansion ,growth & perception..the wisdom, knowledge,& understanding is …well VAST..

This giving up syndrome is known as hitting your current celling, & although each everyone of us the choice to give up if they desire, giving up is easy.

My love goes out to you all..πŸ’•…GG

(Magic) Psilocybin Mushrooms

For a while in the mid 1990,s Magic Mushrooms, in the UK were legal. Grow kits could be brought almost anywhere. Lol. This lasted about 3yrs before a law was passed making the possession of dried mushrooms illegal. Then in 2005 the selling of fresh mushrooms was banned!!!…funny enough it was around 1997. Lol. that I begun to grow & use mushrooms.

A grow kits at that time varied in price according to what type you purchased..but they ranged from Β£15.00 (Thai) -Β£25/30.00(Colombian).

I personally grew & tried Thai, Mexican, Hawaiian, & Colombian. Here is a brief summary of my own personal thoughts & experiences on each of these.

1: Thai…Cheapest to buy , found them the softest , hardly any hyllocogenic experience, a pretty good 4/d awareness ) perspective visionary wise..the taking of .5gram of mushrooms is considered a heavy dose,it took me 7-10g of these mushrooms for me to really get anything worthwhile.

2; Mexican..mid price, 5g of this mushroom worked very well on me, my third eye pulsated, & opened showing me beautiful visions of & understanding of tree,s, plants, flowers, fairies, particularly Tiargana (Queen ), sprites & the like, A decent experience, reasonably long lasting, very Gaia orientated.

3: Hawaiian..mid price, another really wonderful experience on 5g, decent trip length, in out,in out for about 3 /4 hours. Very angelic, feminine Goddess feelings & vision’s.. worthwhile for me..

4: Columbian..Top price..these for me were heavy & dark over long, goulish, winged demons, dark Goddess,s , very underworld from Greek & Roman mythology, very deep & intense ..1 trip was enough for me.

My πŸ„ taking phase lasted about 18 months. I have no judgement on the taking of supplements in a person’s quest in their personal awakening , everybody has choices, you either do or don’t.

I as ever simply share my personal journeys experiences, as an insight .

πŸ’œFelt blessings & love. GG

Emotion & Giving

Pin your ears back & listen .lol.

Once we understand & finally have personal knowing (not just headspace knowledge) of the truth that each & every person chooses the circumstances they incarnate into on Earth, you can begin to look at all the pain & suffering that is happening to humanity from a detached non-judgemental universal space.

Things like children starving, lack of water, abuse, etc. as events that are happening to souls who have came here to experience these aspects of 3D reality, for reasons that we cannot possiblity know.

All we see these days is energy promoting these negative aspects of lack & poverty & violence..& poor this & poor that..an overwhelming outpouring of emotionaly charged energy, asking us to support this cause, that problem..aimed at making the masses feel guilty about the world problems .which keeps us stuck in guilt & emotionally connected to others negativity, when we have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, me ,you, everybody creates our own reality..guilt prevents that growth, .. remove it from your thinking ,& don’t act from emotional guilt..never give to anything or anybody out of guilt or obligation.

Giving & generosity are wonderful traits to have..but give because you genuinely choose to support those things that you truly feel drawen to, not out of an emotional & guilt ridden space.. because that only adds to the causes/s conditions that you trying to prevent. Remember everything is energy, & emotional guilt, negative energy often causes an unbalance in 3D duality.

Love love…GG

More on light language

Following on from my previous blog on light language, having practiced drawing free flowing sub-conscious symbols. The next step for those interested in activating there, own personal language is the actual practice of sound activation.

There are a multitude of online “activate light language videos. .I used the one
On Facebook “Soulfull heart experience “site ..simply by listening to these specially designed tracks in meditation/trance & practicing a few la,la,,s you will eventually tune into your latent light language.

As usual I like to share my personal experiences..above is a 1 minute video of one of my early light language practices…shameful. Lol..

I bless your beautiful source self ..GG

The wonderful healing process.

A major part of healing humanity comes from allowing others to be without judgement, anger or bitterness… these are all parts of the darker aspects of our self.. energy spaces we have not yet resolved..very few humans have evolved beyond the entire darkness of themselves & the pain of planet Earth.

I still feel twangs of frustration ,anger & judgement towards others, but when you work on yourself you find yourself better equipped to deal with dark negative energy & you can often deal with it before it becomes to harmful to you & others..we really have to work on ourselves to cleanse our initial deepest imbedded dark,negative blockages, once that is accomplished, your energy then begins to strengthen & become imbued with more loving light , enabling you to repel the firmilar thoughts,& patterns that arise from within,. To merge with your I am, you need to breathe love to others, constantly tell yourself you are self love, ,be humble, generous & respectful, correct yourself when your darkness shows itself,, embrace it & forgive it, & yourself.

Pray to the beings of light for assistance, be compassionate, caring to all life, animals,birds, plants,tree’s,insects, as well as humans..lol. meditate & learn to enter trance states. You will make mistakes, instill in yourself an unending love for God (which you are a loving aspect of)& everything you do not yet understand, be happy in knowing what you know in the NOW ,for what you need to know will always be revealed.

I send you love & respect..GG