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Mk Ultra

Mk Ultra was a top Secret CIA project in which the agency conducted 100,s of clandestine experiments on mostly unwilling US citizens, to access the.potential use of LSD & other drugs for mind control, information gathering & physiological torture .

Project MK Ultra lasted (officially) from 1953-1973)

These people would & still do anything to control humans & their behaviour..all inappropriateness will gradually end , on a 4D & beyond Conscious Earth.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still..🌍

In 1940 Harry Bates wrote a science fiction novel, “Farewell to the Master”.

This went on to be made the 1951 film “The day the Earth Stood still”..which was remade in 2008.

Set in the cold war during the Early stages of the nuclear arms race, the storyline involved a humanoid Alien Vistor, who comes to Earth to deliver an important message to the entire human race.

The humanoid announces he comes in peace & goodwill..”the message given is ” in matters of agression have watched you gain great power over the destruction not only yourselves ,& the beautiful planet you live on, but us as well. Your choice is simple join us as family living in peace or pursue your present course & face obliteration.”

In 1998 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film registry as ” culturally , historically & aesthetically significant”

What an important message from a novel written in the dark 1940,s.

Another little example of how we have been fed information from our light protectors throughout our gradual move to the marker(1994,) & beyond 2012 to not only survival but into a new dawn of magnificence for humanity & the planet.

I owe a Mr Harry Bates a big gratitude..thank you Mr Harry Bates.. blessings ,live & light GGπŸ’“πŸŒˆπŸ§‘

Lady Diana Spencer

Diana ,(darkness exposed)

Diana was the feminine soul of the United Kingdom. Her death changed the UK forever…the truth about her death has never been completely known..but now in this beautiful new energy that is exposing the dark, negative energy of the past this is beginning to change..as I have said time & time again, change is constant now.

What has accurred in the UK recently is only the 1st layer of the onion about Lady Diana & her death..

In 1995, highly respected journalist/reporter, Martin Bashir used forged documents & a.web of lies to gain a interview with Lady Diana Spencer (British Royalty)..the BBC despite knowing or suspecting this , did nothing, covered up the deception of Martin Bashir , not wanting to.lose such a lucrative interview.

Now this inappropriateness is being exposed, as the new light consciousness energy continues to reveal the old dark paradigms of the past, cleansing the Earth’s crystalline grid of this now unwanted negative energy..

The BBC are now now being questioned & exposed about this cover up & Martin Bashir s reputation is in tatters..soon the truths about the Death of Diana a beautiful feminine compassionate women will.like everything else negative,dark based & inappropriate will be revealed, & lightworkers,healers, spiritually aligned & aware humans will.lead the way in demanding no more, no more, we want & will have,truth,love& light.

Blessings my beautiful readers..GGπŸ’š

A 7000 yr old European civilization.


This is fascinating..!!


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