Happy Earth day

The Ascension to 4D has begun .Happy Earth Day

Light & love..GG🌎🌍

Alliance with the Annuaki?

In my post “Elon Musk ,Neuralink,Edison & Tulsa.” posted on 9th March 9th, I gave an personal perspective of where I thought Elon Musk was consciously..

Since then information in a channelling by the wonderful “Sam the Illusionist” has virtually confirmed my view. All information is a personal veiwpoint of the author only me .GG .No judgement or any other implied injustices are intended in anyway.

According to Ra..a benevelent higher consciousness collective, the said Elon Musk (,who for those who are not aware of the man & his work is the second or third richest man in the world, his business interests are technology, & Space exploration, He is a high ranking official or director in Tulsa electric cars, SpaceX travel, & Neuralink ” Neuralink is a AI brain implant for humans, that will connect to the forth coming 5G world brain internet web.. enabling humans to interact with just thought computers,& many other world wide computerised technology.)..as made agreements with The Annuaki & Grays , who are more Malevanet races interested in only controlling humans for their own benefit.

Elon Musk has already simply by using his prototype Neauralink on pig & monkeys in testing, violated & infringed on animals free will (who are 2nd density beings)

He is an agent of the Annuaki using there technology in order to open a pathway for there ambitions.

His Space X company has developed rockets that can land on small.platforms , thus allowing them to be reused time & time again, making space travel less expensive..he plans to detonate a nuclear explosion on Mars, believing that the blast will repurify the air , making it habitable for humanty…Mars also had hidden Annuaki & Gray bases on it!!.

In ending Spiritual Ascension dose not require technological assistance …

Love & Gratitude in light ..GGπŸ’™πŸ’›

Eradicating fear in 4 easy steps.


  • 1..Ear (-F.. forget past horrors.
  • 2..AR (-E..Erase negativity.
  • 3..R (-A..Avoid media bullshit.
  • ____(-R..Remove all Karma.

Be fear free.. Blessings & beautiful benevelence..GG🌈

Old new (dark) age control.

This post is purely to help readers identify the difference between the old spiritual so called new age pre 2OOO & the new much more liberating energy of today post 2012..it is my own personal experiences in my quest for spiritual enlightenment during a period of dense dark energy on the planet ,that never knew at the time (and still dose not. Lol) was nearing the end of it’s dominance…all views expressed are my own personal knowing & experiences, which anybody around at the time may also identify with.

The old pre 2012 new age was from my experiences & now expanded awareness very limited & controlling in it’s information regarding spiritual growth.

If you drank alcohol,smoked,was not a vegetarian or took drugs ,you were JUDGED, regarded as not spiritual..it was elitist control, & could almost be deemed as a religon,run by the white middle class.

The Irony is was they believed they were teaching spiritual freedom..

When I attended these festivals there was no Alcohol on sale, (although wine was available..very middle class at the time..lolπŸ˜‹)no smoking,no coffee, & the food was virtually all vegetarian…it was steeped in love, love,love, smiley ,smiley,smiley, incense, in a time when the dark shadow was in each of us was predominant..it was so up its own arse..lol.

I attended so many of these with the intention of gaining some spiritual knowledge &/or awareness..I got very little, everything was expensive, & money orientated..this was however was a fantastic learning curve for me , I began to realise that the dark energy crust consciousness that was surrounding Earth was restricting the flow of light to only a trickle, & therefore limiting the so called new age teachings , most of the organizers & facilitators were influenced by 3D dark dense linear limited awareness, some by free choice, others simply unknowing they could not penetrate the dark crust into the veil beyond.

When 1 or 2 Maverick teachers with an awareness of that ,that was outside the 3D liner new age thinking, did, turn up they were all soon banned from any further participation.

One facilitator in particular would clearly state in the offical program & on his own personal literature ” This workshop starts (for example) at 2.30pm sharp, anybody turning up after this time will be refused entry with no refunds” Needless to say there were latecomers..they were refused entry.

They complained to the organizers, citing the usual , ” I was only a few minutes late”..etc,etc..the outcome ,even though the lecturer explained that part of the workshops teachings was respect & the importance of understanding punctuality & the consequences it can sometimes incur” was the organizers demanded the latecomers were given a refund & allowed free entry to the next workshop. Which they did attend only to complain that the facilitator swore to much .

Todays energy is different, if any festival,event, meeting or teacher has any restrictions, beyond that of respect for the occasion , avoid it,

This is a beautiful , benevelant energy we live in, no judgement, or restrictions beyond those legal & respectful honour.

The day of acting like spiritual sheep is past.

In love respect & honour..GG 🧑

9 Years

The 2012 Equinoxes was in fact the mid point of the 36yr cycle of the new energy consciousness marker that both Humanity & Earth went beyond.

1994 was when it 1st emerged , during the 18 yr period till 2012, the cold war ended,& the EU took shape, & many dictatorship,s ended are just a couple of examples.of the changes that happened as the incoming energy began to establish itself .

The period from 2012 -2030 is the embedding outward expanding period ..of which today in 2021 we have 9 years of this wave left…the previous 3 x 9 yr within this 36yr span were the build up to the catalyst (3 is the number of the catalyst)..the number 9 itself is change, new beginnings, renewal etc…This is the 4th Quarter of 4Γ—9 yr cycles..the number 4 is a Earth number , we are in a Earth change cycle..the god/source plan is perfect in it’s application.

The dark energy ( particularly the elite few of Humanity) have a differing agenda of what they would like the world to be like in 2030..IE: A world brain internet connection powered by the incoming 5G network, whereby humanity are hooked on AI Technology , with millions implanted with Neurolinks…to this world brain & an AI consciousness , replacing our human one, enabling controlled thinking, the great economic reset in place , Space transportation to a habitable Mars (at least) for the said Elite. .. etc..these are of course potentials, but now as of April 11th the light is in the the ascency for the 1st time in our Humanities existance..& no matter how likely this may seem right now, we must remember it is only a small ableit intelligent human elite, through free choice interacting with dark low dense consciousness to create these scenarios..if by the end of this next 9yr new energy consciousness period, these few elite have not changed there perceptional thinking & consciousness through free choice, they will miracously be removed from this planet, & given the chance to reincarnate in the new established energy as awakened souls remembering who they truly are.

Light will always defeat the dark because first of all light is stronger, & as I have said before low dark energy is stupid, ,held & thought into our 3D reality by humans through free choice, these elite humans often lose the very control they seek through egotistic dense linear 3D thinking…it cannot see what is coming .. because 4D & higher light consciousness is beyond even the most highly intelligent thinking of Humanity that is stuck in stupid dark low energy..sure they may well still. insist & Pursue their idealogies, that’s the dualities ego & darkness in tandem, but death in some form happens. Removing those of us that the still.misled & unknowing from the ever expanding mass of light conscious 4D & above humans

The next 9 yrs is a true consolidating & expanding of light energy .. bringing with it the greatest growth we have ever known.

In light,light & more light πŸŒˆπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’–…GG

Earths seperation begins 22.33 today πŸŒ—

Today April 11th is massive for Earth & Humanity…The arrival.of April’s new moon (in my case 22.33 GMT)..is the beginning of Earths from 3d to 4D..I have felt it for sometime..most will not see anything different, except more outpouring of dark events on the planet, as the dark web is exposed for all to see.

It is an energy consciousness that many more humans will.feel & sense , as the dark & light conscious beings on the planet become more apparent & seperated in idealogies, thoughts & actions..the body will react in increasing ways , particularly in those who are already stepping in 4D & beyond..it is beautiful, it is the coming of the Christ…this will be reinforced with a massive re-incarnation of graduated Christ conscious souls , More Pleiadians, & others will be born , they are our closest starseed brothers & sisters anyway, to assist in this wonderful new compassionate, benevelant, energy of love, abundance ,& unity

Our dormant DNA will be activated much more causing this bodily change, remembering,& light activation..

Such beautiful, wonderful , conscious shifts, the light is now officially in the ascency.. yippee πŸ˜€

I love you allπŸ’œ. GG

Are the Archon just a human dark energy consciousness.?

The contents in this article are purely a personal observation..of me GG only.

It is believed The Archons, are group of dark God’s that are using the dark energy to keep Humanity under control…dark.energy?..is a low vibrational dense energy, that through free choice consciousness by humans can create great perceived evil.on Earth, ..all the inappropriateness we see in our duality..mass murder,rape,child abuse, lack, illness, anger,violence, fraud, black magic, war, etc,etc,..dark deities can be imagined by humans into creation by using dark energy… the devil is one example of this…dark demonic beings exist in dark created conscious thoughts.only!!.

My Question therefore is are the Archons human created dark energy deities or are they a malevelant race of higher density beings, controlling an elite few humans in a quest for planetery control?

Answers on a postcode to..lol..I would love your comments on this..?


Mobile walkways

AI, digital, tech addiction.

China, have introduced “Mobile Walkways”..only people using mobile devices can use them , they are ⬆️⬇️only.

Another example of AI addiction control.

Love love GG🧑

More time πŸŒ—

Time (energy) is seemingly faster, it has quickened. The new energy consciousness of the planet is vibrating faster , so our conscious perception of time is aligning more with the multi-dimensional flow of the circle in which time actually flows.

Even though our man made 3D linear time frame remains the same.