Happy childlike day.

Today is happy childlike day..open your book of childlike joy and connect to the dimensional realms of the fairies and gnomes. Immerse yourself in fun,joy, laughter,giggles , craft,play and remember your hidden childhood invisible freinds. Oh life is so breathtakingly beautiful.. blessings GG 😍☔😋🍊💜

The Schumann frequency

The Schumann frequency is vibrational resonance of the Earth.. it is currently around 7.3HZ. If this lowers it can effect the entire balance of the universal matrix. This event could reduce the time it takes for earth to ascend to 5D Of late the negative reptilian entites have been involved in trying to lower the […]

Past lives

There are actually no past lives, they are simply other lives, we are experiencing multiple lives simultaneously, it is linear 3D time thinking awareness.that puts our remembering of these lives in the past.. Lots of beautiful light..GG💞😀

UFO,s and ET contact.

Earth and Humanities consciousness is in the process of (re) ascension.We are in the beginning phases of entering & becoming conscious energy members of the 5th dimensional awareness…most humans need to be aware that we are already 4th dimensional beings, but due to the energy lag/drag of 3d density a lot of our thinking is […]

Emotional intent

It is through feeling our emotional energy coupled with our intention we create..humans are 2nd to none in emotional creating.. compassion is one of our greatest emotional creations. Humans are so beautiful and rich in creating emotional experiences,. This emotional understanding particularly compassion.is what the 5Th dimension is lacking. You see in the 5th dimension […]