An age of demystifying eseotric information.

We are now in an age of demystifying eseotric information,the new energy we are now saturated in , is here to help us do this.

I love simplicity, & for years because of the dark dense low energy that we have walloed in for thousands of years Eseotric truths were often intwined with many many falsities, & I know because I for many years believed probably in as many eseotric falsities as I did was simply the dark energy thinking, that was in the spiritual consciousness of mankind at that time..& yes I had to come to terms with some almighty porkies in my Awakening. Lol..a learning experience in itself I can tell you 😭.

A lot of information was altered over the years by deliberate slight miss-tellings, here is a example of how this works..(this is not a spiritual parable, but it will give you an idea of what happened).

In a battle The king sent a horse messenger to one his generals 5 miles away with the message”send reinforcements the king is ready to advance”

Breathless the messenger, told the general” send three & fourpence the king’s ready to advance”..the general frowned in puzzlement but following his king’s orders, sent another messenger back to the castle where the mass of troops waited..upon arrival this messenger told the Chamberlain in charge..” send three & fourpence, the king’s going to a dance”

As you can see the message was completely different to the original one given, this is how the dark altered or created information that was false over the years.till eventually only a grain of truth was ever passed on , the rest forgotten over time as lifetime after lifetime we only remembered the half truth information that was stored in the Akosh, this made the eseotric journey to enlightenment like ploughing through a vast bog, as the acolyte’s of past only had slithers of truth.

This hidden mosaic of truth has begun since around the year 2,000 to slowly be separated again from the slush & is being reunited into a even bigger truth as the new more higher vibrant light energy changes it yet again, this time into a more simple usable understanding for humanity…this along with all the new information that can now pass through the spaces in the veil, makes it a very exciting time in understanding who we truly are ,our importance in the scheme of things & how we can finally begin to change this planet.

Embrace this new eseotric truth, a little discernment is still needed as the dark energy teachers are still.being flushed out.

You,are amazing, beautiful & I send you compassionate love..πŸ’—GG

Our DNA in the womb of Gaia.

Oh Earth mother , how you protect our DNA,in your womb of feminity.

Waiting for our return,to implant out body yet again .

Wishing without judgement or anger this time we pour new wisdom into your your crystalline grid & consciousness.

Refreshing, cleansing, healthy, healing our Dna energy.

Expanding our wisdom,so you can embrace our magnificence at last,in your womb of Gaia.

Hug ,with beautiful compassion our new humanity at is core smiling, in the comfort of your womb of Gaia.

You feel a new kind of benevolence washing you of our past debris, of despair,hatred,,anger & mis-guided choices..all in the womb of Gaia.

Old dark energy & thinking pattern,s easing as a pulltice of old soul remembering the ancient wisdom heals the womb of Gaia.

It’s beautiful as 100,s of millions of higher inner god/, source vibrant thinking engulfs you every moment, in the womb of Gaia.

Finally humanity, your intended saviour , honour you with insights & wisdom ,that support your wonderful compassionate, unwavering love, the womb of Gaia.

You now know rape, pollution,,& hurt of your creations is starting to cease as humans begin to honour the womb of Gaia.

A new DNA caresses your womb,a new remembering,that can be passed onto to more caring evolving seeds of human.. the softness in the womb of Gaia.

“My head is bowed ,tears flowed from my eyes as I offer you my beautiful readers & follower’s this article Gaia is in Union with me”…GG

No figuring out

Why do we try to figure everything out, we feel love.know it ,enjoy it,it dose not need to to be figured is spirit god/source, so why are we still trying to figure it it is simple..there is a beautiful system , that 3D linear thinking will never understand,..all we need to do is ask πŸ—£οΈ..give permission, to your inner god/source ..there is. no hard work, worry,or doubting, they are so 3D linear thinking, & stuck in the old repeating energy of *I am getting no where”..there is no climbing,or trying to get anywhere.

We have been given the gift of free choice, to ask our inner god/source to show us or not,.. there is nothing to to find, no place to go, we have everything we need,it is all built in, 1,000,s upon 1000,of years of accumulated knowledge,..let go of what’s next in my Awakening,..ask keep,calm,avoid fear through joy, laughter happiness & fun..& feel love.& be patient.thats it

You will be given the information you need, is nearly always something that you don’t expect, so expect nothing, do not force it,let go, flow,it is endless & not synronistic, that,s so 3D linear thinking .don’t wonder about it is nothing to do but want & ask.

Blessings & love GG

The Brave Human

We collectively are incredibly brave.. yippee!?..when we 1st decided to come here as humans , we were told that we would face Many hardships, war, volcano,s earthquakes, tsuanamis,famine,desease,die,very young,etc throughout many many lifetimes, & in the field of potentials we might not even succeed..yet we still chose to come here..then on top.of that..we arrive ,& forget our purpose…lol.

All of our history brings us to now, past the point of self-destruction,..a time of never going back to the old ways,..our service to the planet & humanity is to pour light awareness into the crystalline grid, to quicken the process of humanity growing up & expanding into our fullest potential,..The Pleiadians, seeded us, with their & sources divinity, they are our sisters & brothers racially..what had happened to us the Pleiadians went through over a million years ago..& when we evolve into our full potential, we will seed life on another young continues the evolution of the Galaxy..a lot of planets have not made it & destroyed themselves,..we thankfully & in grateful gratitude through our magnificence & free choice..ploughed through the low dark dense vibrational energy into a new time..there are still difficulties ahead, & you may at times feel despair at it all..but benevolence,joy, love & the new DNA transformation, that is the new awareness, is the way forward…light light & more light.

You are the new human, magnificent,& ready to shine your benevolent beautiful energy in this process…I love you all πŸ’Œ..GG

New spiritually.

Over the course of my Awakening, I have uncovered many mystery schools wisdom & have been shown dozens.of techniques, exercises,& practices, which I used many times ..I have described a few of these on this blog..these were the ones I used most.

There are many more I could describe to you my beautiful readers & follower’s, but to be honest most of those never really worked for would now with the Advent of the new beautiful fresh energy, that arrived in 2012 be inappropriate in these times..the reason being, they were meant for an old energy , they are now old spiritual practices, which would probably have little effect in today’s Awakening.

You see a new energy brings with it new eseotric ideas, & practices with it’s higher consciousness.. simply put ,out with the old in with the new,like everything in our 3D linear thinking reality right now… nothing will be the same.. nothing remember that everything you know ,think or recognize will change…hold onto nothing you know about yourself–embrace everything new that is coming from the God/source within are not who you think you are, you are better, bigger & much more benevolent & magnificent.

Even the word spiritually,is probably unfit for this new awakening,it is all about our DNA now, so.perhaps a more appropriate term to use might be ” Dna transcendence “.. billions of our DNA particles lay dormant, most humans use only a fraction of there potential DNA, .3% of our DNA are active,.

The new awareness is about becoming more body,dna cell aware, sending messages of intent to your innate dna dormant cells & reactivate them ,bring plenty of joy,fun, laughter,play, benevolence, &love in your life & of course ask, them, god,source,your angelic guides for wisdom in this.

If there ever was a place for our higher self, it is in our DNA..this is the new age of expansion,growth, wisdom, awareness & high information & new ways of working.

You are all love & loved..GG

A new energy for achieving Mastery

This is the new Energy we have all been waiting for, it’s the 1st time the winds have been with us.. post 2012.

Our DNA is ready to be enchanced,..From an observational point of view I see many many humans who have choosen a (for want of a better word) spiritual path… who now feel different & asking why dose it feel different &why do I feel different.

Of course you will feel different, your body is asking for this change.
There are now new tools & more becoming available for humanity to expand, that were never available before, , because they came with the new energy embedded in the consciousness of the Pleiadian nodes & Nulls, that are now active.

One of the new tools now readily available one of the many new kids on the the art of talking to yourself,.. particularly talking to your body & cells…it is one of things the ascended Masters knew.

Another Is the ability to be able stay in a meditive state at all times, no matter what you are doing, as a light carrier & worker, so your continued vibrational frequency can be felt by other’s.. the Christ consciousness, or Budda pulse to name but two…this is part of the new human..

These are just two of the exciting journey tools that have been brought into.our consciousness thinking, hammering on the lower linear dark 3D human thinking, waiting to be given permission by your free choice ,to happen..the ability to ask.. oh how simple ,& we humans still have to make it so complicated, by asking the wrong questions,comparing,not believing in simplicity, doubting , trying to figure it out.. there is nothing to figure out, the system so to speak is there..the Masters told us “ask & you shall receive”..we are now recognising our mastery… I have always known it is simple..maybe not easy, but simple.

I love each & everyone one of you with humble benevolence..GG

Celebrating getting younger πŸ’«

It’s my Birthday today..& guess what the 1st thing I did was reduce the my age on the about me page on this site…lol.

Now I am celebrating me being another year younger..yippee for me🀸

Always celebrate getting younger, .I actually tell my body everyday I give it permission to recalibrate my age & prolong my life. .did you know the human is designed to live for a minimum of 200yrs, 300yrs is easily possible,. Why you are probably asking?..well it’s to do with our learning, & remembering system..system is probably not the correct word, but it is appropriate for human 3D linear

When we leave here our memories are stored in the Akash of our DNA in the crystalline grid of Earth mother Gaia is returned when we choose to come back upon remembering.who we are, we already have access to this information, meaning we do not have to learn those lessons again..we know them & what worked & what did not, enabling us to accelerate in our knowing of new wisdom & knowledge.

By living longer , we are given more linear time to learn more, simple really, thus accelerating our growth Everytime we return.

Think yourself younger,give permission to yourself to de-age, your body will more then willing, it is smart, & likes & loves you,.love it the same… constantly bring joy, happiness,fun, laughter, play into your life, force it if you find outside circumstances affecting you, it is innate, your body wants to, so you are not going against the grain, you are simply moving through the fear, anxiety & despair of your dark induced energy, which kills you(reduces life span)into our meant to be state of fun,loving, joyous,happy, childlike , benevolent, abundant beings.

Happy backwards birthdays to you all..πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‹. Blessings GG

Abundance through the letterbox

Here is a exercise that I learnt years ago that will show you how you feel about money Abundance & letting go.

Pick a day & time to visit all your neighbours, either in your block or in your street & post $10 or pound through there letterbox…what a beautiful generous gift to your fellow this without any fear,or guilt, or will step into abundance & wealth no end .trust the giving & receiving of the natural flow of abundance.

Lots of Abundance & love..πŸ’–…GG

Out comes the dark

Just a quick reminder..

The dark energy of the British government , & Media..have created another tool in fear over the covid-19 outbreak.. They have Stated in the best interest of the people of course” even people who do not show symptom,s may have the virus …& ” Act like you have the virus”…that is certainly doing what’s right for the people..I send benevolent love to the authorities, & may the light erase your misguided freedom of choice.. because it will ..& you will come back as a new human.. I am laughing not in judgement but in blessings πŸŒˆπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’ƒ,fun & my connection to God…much love..GG