About me

I am Gary Gold ,I am often called GG by choice I kind of like itπŸ‘Œ

I am at the beautiful ageof 58,i am married to a beautiful female. Although at an early age I was aware I was special, society shaped me “differently “..my 1st forage into spiritually began in 1989 aged 29..i knew there was more to life then where I was at , at that time….i began to question 3D reality ?my meaning, my purpose!!.i was initially drawn to aromatherapy, then, crystal healing, colour therapy, & dream analysis…all part of the then new age movement, which for me at that moment in my own personal development seemed all very controlling & goody goody wishy washy.

I was pretty radical &in truth a bit of a rebel, a maverick I guess I sought more radical spiritual cleansing & understanding…by early 90,s I become fascinated by the likes of “Carlos Castaneda”,” David Icke” “Stuart wilde” “Aleister Crowley”.. Which again at that point in my continuing growth & search seemed to be my chosen preferred path.

For the next several years I pursued these type of teachings diligently, doing several jointly hosted workshops .I truly believed in the teachings & learnt so much, but to my dismay no matter how hard I tried(i use the word tried deliberately here) I felt like i was getting nowhere!!….sure I learned stuff, but most(not all) was intellectual head stuff, I believed was true, & as I will explain in my blogs that was my problem, my head, brain, ego intelligance held the conceptional facts, but my heart, & me personally had not actually experienced most of what I had read or been told……i began to feel a fraud, & in a sense I was, all I was doing was recycling information, i felt rightly or wrongly,I was not speaking my truth..after meeting my wife, my spiritual journey phase 1 ended with regard to me being or doing anything i was conscious of.. .14yrs in total.

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