“Ashtar Galactic Command” Broadcast.

On November 26th 1977 at 17.10 the ITN news program in the United Kingdom was disruptrd with the following message: (This is a full transcript of the 6 minute message).. Wikipedia version. “This is the voice of Vrillion, a representative of the Ashtar Galatic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen usContinue reading ““Ashtar Galactic Command” Broadcast.”

Aliester Crowley 1875-1947 (occultist/magician

Another of those fascinating historical characters Born into a wealthy family who owned a brewery. He was educated at Trinity college, Cambridge…he soon took an interest in Western Estoricism (various forms of Western philosophy, religion,art, literature,, music, spiritually,& magic). By the age of 23 he had joined the Esoteric ” Hermetic order of the goldenContinue reading “Aliester Crowley 1875-1947 (occultist/magician”

A blue moon & Halloween!!

WOW. A blue moon & Halloween tonight (a blue moon is the second full moon in a month). ..this duel event occurs every 19 years Here is a Irish folklore associated with the Halloween jack-o- lantern symbol. Taken from Wikipedia: On his way home from a night of drinking, Jack encountered the “😈 & managedContinue reading “A blue moon & Halloween!!”

Appointment with Death

A old middle Eastern fable tells the story of a young merchant in Ancient Mesopotamia. He was sitting in a hotel when he thought he saw death walk in. You know the one, hooded & dressed in black flowing robes, carrying it’s trademark Skythe. Not the more glamorous punk female creation in the “Sandman” comicsContinue reading “Appointment with Death”

Nicholas Flamel.. alchemist 1330-?

I love characters like this , full of mystery, intrigue & charisma. Nicholas Flamel, born in Paris 1330..a scripture, bookseller, spoke a dozen languages, married in 1368 to a beautiful so called sorceress named “Pernelle” He had a dream about a book that could transmute & transform metals using something called the Philosophers stone& howContinue reading “Nicholas Flamel.. alchemist 1330-?”