An important knowing

One thing that I have distinctly become aware of , which has enabled me to reach a point in my awakening and expansion ,where I have learned the gifts of non-attachement and being un-judgemental, is that in finding my own truths, my knowing.the following. Every species,races & ,beings , have their own experiences to discover […]

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Sacred geometry.

The cube (square) is a sacred geometry symbol. When unfolded it represents another sacred symbol, the cross of the Christed consciousness. A fundamental part of expansion and awareness is the unfolding of your limited cube into the beautiful wonderful more expansive cross, so that you can connect to the limitless possibilities and potentials that you […]

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“All Will Be Well”

“All Will Be Well” Julian of Norwich, 1347-1426+. This amazing woman, chose to become an Anchoress. Her book “Revelations of Divine love” was the 1st book written by a woman to be published in English. What’s amazing is, she defines god as being Us ,Mother,Father, and the unity of nature and source of all creation […]

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UK Queen Dies!

Yesterday Elizabeth 11 Queen of England died. The outpouring of emotional reaction, highlights how 3D controlled linear thinking has gripped the UK as a nation. Every Media outlet expects every human (especially those in the UK) to react in this outpouring of emotional reaction. The controlling influence the monarch of England had over the public […]

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Immense Gratitude.

This is a 💜🌹..felt thank you to all my followers, You are all wonderful & create a magnificent human consciousness that changes this planet & us for a magical, magnificent now!!..I bless you in your humanity. GG💙🙏

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Only take the appropriate action needed to advance your true self, in the current now Blessings in love ❤️ GG L

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