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Charge of the bright light Brigade A personal inspired perspective of inner victory. I Levar, an Andromedon starseed origin, known as GG in human form, entered the inner dark dimensional energy battlefield.The entrance to this other dimension is through a tube that is rather like a….. Check out complete Story on Writco by Gary Gold […]


Due to the massive energy clashes happening throughout October, particularly with technology may have been aware of the “Facebook” “Instagram”, “WhatsApp blackout/shutdown/failure a few days…I am only.posting a few Quotes throughout the month of October , in order to reduce my social media,mobile phone,internet, TV, usage,..there is so.mucg happening in the etheric, multidimensional, […]

Bernardinelli Bernstein Comet.

The Bernardinelli Berstein the biggest to date to be is a dark energy comet discovered in 2014 it’s dimensions are an astonishing 100- 200km . It is due to arrive in our solar system reaching the planet Saturn within a few days..this particular comet has been imbued with dark negative energy flares by […]

Energy shifts ..that’s all it is!!

Everything is energy..each individual has his,her own , energy fields, & patterns..these energy fields & patterns contain your own individual sovereign awareness, & are constantly changing & shifting according to your personal vibrancy & frequencies..when you are positive, your actions,thoughts & deeds fill the places & spaces in your energy field patterns, to its current […]

Upcoming event

Saturday 16th of October is “Shout out love day”..this event is organized by the “Global oneness summit”..Simply shout out “Love ” in unity to the sky. it is scheduled for 8.30am Pacific time US…it is time to reverberate love as one to the your neighbors,strangers, other countries, the world , the solar system,the galaxy, & […]