Millionaire Energy

Imagine this amount in your bank 1,458, you may think ..but let me put it in energy,abundance, awareness terms. The numbers of this amount when added together come to 6 a truly amazing is the six pointed star, it represents the goddess of love Venus..but also it is the number of the Merkebah & […]

The Gamma wave.

A Gamma wave is a pattern of neural oscillation in humans with a frequency of between 25-140hz..(40hz is considered optimum) It is of an higher ,faster frequency & speed then Alpha, Gamma Rthyms are associated with large brain network activity & working memory, attention, & perceptional awareness can be increased by meditation. Tibetan monks are […]

Signs of the new compassionate Earth

The Tokyo Olympics is underway..& if nothing else it will be known for the rise of a more compassionate awakening & awareness of humans & humanity as a whole… The American Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles, highlighted the stressful, controlling aspects.of the sporting world..when she bravely took control (probably for the 1st. time)of her inner knowing, […]

Technique to align πŸ’– & πŸ§ 

Here is a simple 3 step Technique/Tool to help you align your πŸ’– & Brain🧠. Hold your hand over your heart..this automatically brings your subconscious focus to your heart, caress gently. Regulate your breathing to about 5 in breaths..out breath’s..or as near to this that is comfortable. As you caress & breath feel the compassion, […]

The brain in the πŸ’–

The wonderful Gregg Braden tells us it has been discovered the πŸ’“ has 40,000.brain like neurons within it. They are separate from the brain ,yet remember ,learn & think differently, but can connect in harmony with the brain. We are taught to think almost entirely with the brain men, (particularly those in the western world) […]