Ideograms, & symbols.

“A ideogram is a written symbol that idea or object directly ,rather then a particular word or speech sound”

In 2012( the new energy of the Equinoxes) was discovered that throughout.history Humanity has used the same 32 symbols.

A ideogram of language without words or sounds, that are regarded as a multi-dimensionalty, galactic communication system.

7 of these 32 are the most commonly used , they are

  • Ankh
  • Star& crescent
  • Cross
  • Swastika
  • Star of David
  • Khicana
  • Vesica Piscis

These 7 symbols are seen everywhere, in one form.or another , try it for yourself, be aware for one day how many times you see these symbols.

They are used as religious symbols & embedded in all the major relegions of the world, the Incas, & South American use the Khicana, Christianity uses the cross, Islam the cresent,the Egyptians.yhe Ankh, etc ,etc,.

All 7 belong to the 32 ideogram of one language, in 3D linear we separate,so all the 7 symbols of the different religion’s are in fact a unification of one spiritual understanding, there is no seperate ideology or religious way, is now widely known that the Atlantians had a technological light machine that contained all the 7 religious.symbols ..each vibration, frequency & aspect of religious teachings..a if you like of the one source religion..only low level dense 3D energy thinking humans seperate & divide , & through the ego have created this division in spiritual / religious teachings & beliefs.

Love blessings & respect GG😊💙

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