Solfeggio frequencies & 440hz.

Solfeggio frequencies are an ancient musical notes that were put into a scale known as “just intonation” by an 11th century Benedictine monk named ” Guido D Arezzo” . It a system whereby any natural C is always sung or played on the syllable DO..& Moveable Do…so & Fa.. In the film “Close encounters of […]

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Saturn..6th planet from the Sun.

Saturn has become a planet of massive interest in recent years. In the book by Norman R Bergrun ..”Ring-makers of Saturn”published in 1986, the author using photographs taken by Nasa , explains that the actual rings were formed, & within them he could see what he termed as “Electro Magnetic Vehicles” that emitted plasma, that […]

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Ideograms, & symbols.

“A ideogram is a written symbol that idea or object directly ,rather then a particular word or speech sound” In 2012( the new energy of the Equinoxes) was discovered that throughout.history Humanity has used the same 32 symbols. A ideogram of language without words or sounds, that are regarded as a multi-dimensionalty, galactic communication […]

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Sacred Geometry

There are 7 basic sacred Geometry symbols. Yes 7 . They are the basic πŸ”Ί,◼️,πŸ”΅, & βž•, The spiral, the single pyramid,& the ✑️ the star of David. Here is a brief idea there meaning. πŸ”Ί:Balance,elevating to higher consciousness πŸ”΅: Wholeness, oneness,cycle of life. ◼️: Stability, the base of the pyramid βž•:The midpoint is […]

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