The USA Navy v Nazi UFO(saucers)

Just after was thought the master scientists & 3rd reich hierarchy of the Nazis scattered around the globe…Japan, Norway, Argentina, South America, & name a few..having accumulated massive wealth, from.stolen stripped assets & dozens of black U boats that were used to manovour the required resources like mercury the production of flying saucers weponary begun in Ernest..the infrastructure & technology.for the building of such craft was already in place, &many historians & scientists believe that had the war gone on for a couple more years,with this advanced weaponry the Nazis would have probably won.

The focal.point of UFO,flying saucer output was in Antarctica, secret underground bases were built .. in 1946 a fully equipped US military task force under the leadership of the much decorated Admiral Richard Byrd, was sent to investigate the rumours, they had prepared.for a 9 month mission, many battleship’s,& aircraft carriers laden with fighter planes.

In the Antarctica region opposite South America, the US task force, came under attack from what is now regarded as nazi produced flying saucers, the casualties were heavy, & knowing the enemy had won, the task force withdrew after 3 months.

Admiral Byrd was deverstated & spoke up about under prepared they were, he spoke of flying saucers & craft that were far beyond human technology,..don’t forget this is the same man who spoke about the hollow Earth people he encountered (the Agartheans.which I did a post on.)

Admiral Byrd was soon discharged & not long after found dead , reportedly killed by US authorities.

May God bless you, in live & light♥️..GG

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