Stop! more busy 🐝 for me.

The planet had to come to a standstill to allow a new calibration of did 1st time under worldwide lockdowns.. the skies were clear of planes, the choking clogging traffic was no more, human activities were minimal..the forests ,woods & nature could breath , with very little pollution, was the most invigorating of times for me, 2 long streches in pure nature , walking,meditating & breathing what probably was the purest air on the planet in centuries every day.

The realisation of the beauty of my home, & it’s basic comforts, getting to know who I truly am, training for what chaos may come, so that staying at home becomes easy, should it be needed, space away from those of Humanity who are still.confused & unsure of who they are.

Time to tead, some of the 20,000+ books that I need to, listen to music, & just be..never alone , always aligned with spirit,god,source & my own special enterage.

Doing basic minimal work stuff, whistling,chanting,cuddling my wife, sipping the occasional wine, & glass of beer, laughing,playing silly buggers, no relatives or friends to suddenly turn up & shatter my peace & tranquility,..bliss joy, happiness, the pure simplicity.. a time of true understanding of merging with source, in preparation for the panic,rush in which still.many of Humanity will,have & are eagerly awaiting to busy themselves yet again, burying themselves in there Karmic return to what they perceive as normal, minus a few lost illusory reality freedoms,..the non-stop frenetic human, tangling themselves yet again in perpetual often mindless motion.

This was a wonderful time to.contemplate,learn, experience & align with fluidity to your godself,..the rush,hustle,bustle,do,do,do, for the sake of it, or fear of connecting to.ones self is old energy, the new Earth ways are faster yes, but only in vibrational higher energy consciousness , that brings a quicker awareness,..but more space, between you & everything around you, in effect slowing down & bringing with it peace, harmony, joy, & you know everything is taken care of, & you have to do very little.

The busy,work,work, constant doing human is past karmicaly..the new paradym is intuitive flowing compassionate action.

You are beautiful & truly blessed..GG😀😋❤️💜💚


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