Abundance through the letterbox

Here is a exercise that I learnt years ago that will show you how you feel about money Abundance & letting go. Pick a day & time to visit all your neighbours, either in your block or in your street & post $10 or pound through there letterbox…what a beautiful generous gift to your fellowContinue reading “Abundance through the letterbox”

Alcohol & drugs

The old energy new age(1980-1999).. approx..lol…was for those who witnessed it .. ME!!..lol.. a rather strange time..at that time the so called new age & new age festivals etc , was really rather boring & wishy washy, in my experiences at that time, not wrong but simply embedded in in the old darkness energy &Continue reading “Alcohol & drugs”

I AM…Free..

We are all 🆓.. yippee!! Despite the controlling influences of Governments & society,in this 3D illusionary reality- It is only the ego space within us that feels the perpetual squeezing & fears our loss of freedom. Which unfortunately many many humans still succumb to. 3D reality is fed with with thousands of fear induced controllingContinue reading “I AM…Free..”