Ticking linear boxes.

The spiritual templates, pardyms,& potentials that are now available to us, are limitless, the old plodding way of enlightenment , where by you had to.tick linear thinking 3D boxes to be considered spiritual are dead… the you have to do this or that to access the god/ source inside you, as gone…the laborious task & disciplines of having to write or speak thousands of affirmations, & hours upon hours of meditation, & being a vegetarian, alcohol ,drug free middle class elite new ager is distant ,& dissaipating with Karma,.. there are no boxes now,all.boxes are limitation 3D thinking.. affirmations work efficienctly , meditation is a 1st class technique, they are do much more powerful now, that less is actually more…& The new tools, personal downloads & channelled information are so exciting & beautiful now, the sweet shop to use a metaphor is a vast array of pick & mix delights, the path to awakening is not a set of long listed rules or obligations any longer..it is not dependent on structure & criteria , it is joyful, blessed, benevolent & free…. it really.is time to enjoy it,have fun, relax & surrender to the wonderment & fulfilment of compassionate loving energy that simply wants to welcome you home.

I love god/source, light,& Humanity.. blessings..GG


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