An age of demystifying eseotric information.

We are now in an age of demystifying eseotric information,the new energy we are now saturated in , is here to help us do this.

I love simplicity, & for years because of the dark dense low energy that we have walloed in for thousands of years Eseotric truths were often intwined with many many falsities, & I know because I for many years believed probably in as many eseotric falsities as I did was simply the dark energy thinking, that was in the spiritual consciousness of mankind at that time..& yes I had to come to terms with some almighty porkies in my Awakening. Lol..a learning experience in itself I can tell you 😭.

A lot of information was altered over the years by deliberate slight miss-tellings, here is a example of how this works..(this is not a spiritual parable, but it will give you an idea of what happened).

In a battle The king sent a horse messenger to one his generals 5 miles away with the message”send reinforcements the king is ready to advance”

Breathless the messenger, told the general” send three & fourpence the king’s ready to advance”..the general frowned in puzzlement but following his king’s orders, sent another messenger back to the castle where the mass of troops waited..upon arrival this messenger told the Chamberlain in charge..” send three & fourpence, the king’s going to a dance”

As you can see the message was completely different to the original one given, this is how the dark altered or created information that was false over the years.till eventually only a grain of truth was ever passed on , the rest forgotten over time as lifetime after lifetime we only remembered the half truth information that was stored in the Akosh, this made the eseotric journey to enlightenment like ploughing through a vast bog, as the acolyte’s of past only had slithers of truth.

This hidden mosaic of truth has begun since around the year 2,000 to slowly be separated again from the slush & is being reunited into a even bigger truth as the new more higher vibrant light energy changes it yet again, this time into a more simple usable understanding for humanity…this along with all the new information that can now pass through the spaces in the veil, makes it a very exciting time in understanding who we truly are ,our importance in the scheme of things & how we can finally begin to change this planet.

Embrace this new eseotric truth, a little discernment is still needed as the dark energy teachers are still.being flushed out.

You,are amazing, beautiful & I send you compassionate love..💗GG

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