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Spirit Guides; Spirit guides are a part of you.. so it always you ,you are self guiding,’ Have a wonderful, abundant.loving day..💯..GG

Covid-19 vaccination: yes or No?

Dis-claimer:..I am not a Medical Professional..so any information made in this article are purely from my own personal perspective.’ I have been asked many time about the covid-19 vaccination…is it safe ?..should I have it or not. First many People in the UK have already been vaccinated..with as of today only minor side effects beenContinue reading “Covid-19 vaccination: yes or No?”


There are now millions.of potentials available to Humanity. I Love And Bless You All.💫…GG

Charge of the light brigade.

A personal take In 2010 I entered the inner dark dimensional energy. It is through a tube that is rather like a Helter Skelter fairground ride, only you are in a condensed tube. The journey seemed to take forever but was less then a few seconds..I emerged on a desert like surface, I was expectingContinue reading “Charge of the light brigade.”

An age of demystifying eseotric information.

We are now in an age of demystifying eseotric information,the new energy we are now saturated in , is here to help us do this. I love simplicity, & for years because of the dark dense low energy that we have walloed in for thousands of years Eseotric truths were often intwined with many manyContinue reading “An age of demystifying eseotric information.”

All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.

According to light & energy worker Jarrad Hewett, who is  renowned for his insights,techniques, & work, who I respect & admire, Earth has had 30 energy shifts this month…now I can only say this is what I call “headspace knowledge ” as fact, but can tell you as personal knowing, so being able to addContinue reading “All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.”

The buzz Lightear👂

One of the most common signs that your physical body is & you are beginning to expand, release & bring in more 💡is the Ear buzz..i call this the Buzz light👂after the great character in “Toy Story”. This is generally a very early sign of transfoming, it started in my experience as a gentle buzzingContinue reading “The buzz Lightear👂”

The Great Awakening.💥

Where to begin?.my own truth of course..Mid December 2019:I was at a major London railway station suddenly I felt my entire right side go numb, I thought I was having a stroke..i wobbled , instinct took over, I sat down & intuitively started to breathe. My brain pulsated, but my mind seemed to expand, IContinue reading “The Great Awakening.💥”