Doing Nothing

Those of us who are consciously aware they are on a spiritual journey, soon begin to realise that consciously create our own we change our inner self, that perception begins to reflect in our outer reality..this fact & truth!!.

What we often find is the outer change is not exactly as we originally thought it might be, or the experience is different. Sometimes this is due to a an ego driven idea, thought, motive,or action being in the very space the original creation or manifestation was made..thus slightly altering the outcome..but for the most part it is simply source I AM presence guiding you us to where we are meant to be it doing at that exact time.

So yes you have guessed it here is what I personally do to avoid any Ego confusion…lol.

Doing Nothing!!.simply be, let source serve you, & do all the deciding for you you, & see where it takes you,..In truth this is all I do these days NOTHING..

By doing nothing you surrender your entire self to your I AM source essence , thereby accepting in it’s entiraty your source creation, by not expecting a particular outcome or experience you open up to a million other possible outcomes & opportunities.

This also makes the journey more thrilling, exciting, joyful, fulfilling & the wonders of your beautiful universal greatness takes center stage & as you watch through the eyes of source it unfold in ways you never thought possible…

In love, light & creation .GG

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