Geoff Bezos again!! This Petition is going up faster then his😇..GG

Ancient advanced technology 2

The Uunartog Disc.. was discovered in an 11th century Norse Greenland monastery. It is considered as an Early Norse Sun compass, used by Vikings for navigation. It worked for up to 50mintues after sunset. Love & gratitude 💖..GG

Spiritual awakening.

The term spiritual awakening seems to banded around with ease these days,..everybody seems to think one defining moment means they have suddenly dramatically peirced the veil between human consciousness & multi-dimensional own personal experience was & in my awareness of spiritually never defined to one woo woo moment of dramatic change. It was more […]

Winds of Birth

Hold onto your’s the winds of As I explained preciously, everytime, we leave this planet, a piece of us is embedded in the crystalline core of blessed mother Earth…our soul then goes through a 3 day transition period (linear time) before it regains the knowledge to fly returns home to source, this […]

Coming..Soon Money.

I have not yet covered Money in my far. Lol. & Guess what this is not a full blog post on money. But just consider this… Coming soon…Money lots of it just for you…I will personally give any reader who likes this post , my permission to possess an infinite amount of Remember […]

Doing Nothing

Those of us who are consciously aware they are on a spiritual journey, soon begin to realise that consciously create our own we change our inner self, that perception begins to reflect in our outer reality..this fact & truth!!. What we often find is the outer change is not exactly as we originally thought […]

The beautiful wonderful expansive journey home.

Oh the inspiration, Oh the laughter, Oh the fun .We get it all on this beautiful wonderful expansive journey back home. Oh the colours, Oh the peace, Oh the Abundance , Oh the ache, Oh the pain. We get it all on this beautiful wonderful expansive journey back home. Oh the understanding,oh the awareness, Oh […]