“How to move simultaneously to anywhere in the universe”


LOL.. So what is the relevance of the seagull in the title?..have you guessed!…lol..ok ok..the above “Quotes” are from a wonderful book by Richard Bach called ” Jonathan Livingston Seagull” published in 1973 by McMillan.

This is a truly beautiful novella, well worth a read…it was one of my very early reads on my journey to enlightenment & expansion.

The book book tells the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a Seagull bored with daily living & squabbling over food. His unending willingness to conform results in his expulsion from the flock.

He meets two gulls when on a random flight,who take him to a place of higher existence, where there is a beautiful world found through perfection of knowledge.

Jonathan befriends the wisest Gull, named “Chiang” who takes him beyond his previous self beliefs & education.

A simply written, easy to read book…

Much blessings & love 💜 GG

Published by GG

I am a 60yo married male living in a greater london suburb. I have been learning aboput and working on myself etherically for over 20 years. I love reading and some of my favorite authors are JK Rowling (Hary Potter),Marion Zimmer Bradley,Tolkien(Lord of the rings),Carlos Castanda,Stuart Wilde and most fantasy books.

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