The Temple of Hathor & the Pleiadian sisters.

In 1798 Napoleon & his troops stopped to rest in a place in Egypt.known as Dendara..they camped outside the confines of a ancient temple..A party of men lead by a man named Denon, one of Napoleon,s artist,s ventured through the main entrance, & into the temple. In a semi darkened room they made a remarkableContinue reading “The Temple of Hathor & the Pleiadian sisters.”

Sensing Earth’s dimensional shift,s

At 7.06 am GMT today , I sensed & felt another shift in the Earth’s energy . This is happening in truly regular basis now. As your perception & awareness expands you will align more with Gaia, & Earth’s energy. Some of you will ,like I do sense & feel it, others will hear,& seeContinue reading “Sensing Earth’s dimensional shift,s”

Let’s have some fun & play time..with Titania..

Nobody who is on a path to truth & enlightenment can tell me they have not heard of Titania..the fairy Queen…Ok Shakespeare may have immortalized her in ” A Midsummer’s night dream”..for which he deserves 3 cheers .are you ready “Hip,Hip,.. Hooray, Hip,Hip,.. Hooray, Hip, Hip, Hooray… give yourself a round of applause while youContinue reading “Let’s have some fun & play time..with Titania..”

The beautiful wonderful expansive journey home.

Oh the inspiration, Oh the laughter, Oh the fun .We get it all on this beautiful wonderful expansive journey back home. Oh the colours, Oh the peace, Oh the Abundance , Oh the ache, Oh the pain. We get it all on this beautiful wonderful expansive journey back home. Oh the understanding,oh the awareness, OhContinue reading “The beautiful wonderful expansive journey home.”


“How to move simultaneously to anywhere in the universe” THE SECRET IS TO BEGIN BY KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY ARRIVED. LOL.. So what is the relevance of the seagull in the title?..have you guessed!…lol..ok ok..the above “Quotes” are from a wonderful book by Richard Bach called ” Jonathan Livingston Seagull” published in 1973 byContinue reading “Seagull”

A Plethora of tools: Recap

I have presented you a plethora of tools which I know have worked for me on a personal level for years. A treasure trove of gifts that I have accumulated & used on my journey…these tools I learnt from a variety of wonderful teachers, & gurus. Personal experiences that each & everyone of you, shouldContinue reading “A Plethora of tools: Recap”

More 11/11

Tommorow is of course is 11/11 an exciting time in our ,Earth’s & cosmic expansion & awareness.If any of my beautiful readers wish to experience the benefits of this truly amazing shift that is blessing & Bringing us into a new epoch, era, age..then you might to try this…At 11.11am tomorrow do a 33 minuteContinue reading “More 11/11”

An example of your personal energy & a dimensional gateway.

I always try to give whenever possible practical examples of my experiences. I have already in my posts ” 🌏5D overlay” & “The disappearing hand”shown how you can see the speckled mist overlay, & how you can watch your hand /arm go all soapy & translucent (virtually disappearing).as it enters that dimension. Here is anotherContinue reading “An example of your personal energy & a dimensional gateway.”

11/11 Gateway

In just over 5 days we enter the 11/11 gateway for 2020…this is a time of the year we enter our own personal Zero Point . This year is particularly potent, & holds great potential, 11 is the sacred number of angels, this energy gets massive when it opens on the 11th month of eachContinue reading “11/11 Gateway”