Here we are at a crucial point in our evolutionary awareness, today is about stepping into our 4D new Earth permanently, not just being the observer of a 4/5D world during meditation, then reverting back to old stale 3D linear ways of working

It is time to make the transition, let those who still choose stay in 3D, that’s free choice.Begin Operating in human form in this new reality, by dropping duality , and choosing the Trinity perspective..centered in balance so that you clearly see both negative and positive polarities without judgement, resentment,anger or fear, simply be in the now as Bashar (channelled by the wonderful Darryl Anka) says ” everything is happening simultaniously in the now,”

From this perspective you can truly see the whole picture of the so called duality choices that are presented to you, this allows you to make much better informed choices, as the timelines of each potential is revealed in its truth.

To do this , begin with full chakra breathing and exhaling, seven times 2 for each chakra.. eyes closed fixing your attention on your 3Rd eye center..reach what is the trinity void, where no thoughts or words enter that zone..this is the 4D world timeline entrance, push your empty thoughts into this zone, the longer you stay in this zone the more of your true self becomes imbued in the new Earth..(energy).. practice, practice, practice, you will know as you will soon only observe and not trot off down either negative positive, you will just be in the now.

I wish those of you ,who choose this great opportunity, and look forward to your new ideas, passions,and success.. My blessings go out to each and everyone one of regardless of your choice, that’s the beauty nif freedom..💜🌈😋..GG

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