4th Density & Telepathy.

Part of Humanities transcendence to 4/5 D beings is the ability to use telepathy for communication..our voice (speech as we know it) will be rendered redundant..all communication will.be telepathic..

Now really imagine this , because it is part of the process, speaking vocally as we know it, will be no longer..this is something that to really become aware of..which is why the act & art of silence & saying little is so important..those of us that speak rarely or only when required will find this adjustment/transition much easier then somebody who chats constantly & concerns themselves with idle chitter ,Chatter.

Practice speaking less, only speak when needed, & gradually dwell.less on drawn out communication that is not connected to anything specific…try projecting your thoughts & open up to receiving other.peoples , it is time sensitive & prepare yourself for idea,..it is a big part of the Ascension process, one most of us are definitely not used to.

Beautiful love GG😇🌷💞


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