What do you think created Covid-19..?

Think about this carefully..lol..πŸ˜‡.how did Covid-19 come into being…What creates everything in the universe, consciousness..Since 2012, a new energy has emerged through the thinking & consciousness of humanity..people wanted change in the world, you could ask almost all everyday folk.post 2012 , & regardless of their political thinking, religion ,& even spiritual aware.or not, they would in some form or another crave change in the way things were..by 2017, the consciousness of humanity & the Earth’s crystalline grid was massively in favour of change..dramatic change..this change eventually emerged as Covid-19, it was the only way , the planet with Gaia,s help could bring about the collosious conscious awakening & energy that was now needed..not even previous destructive world wars forced life to come to a worldwide standstill for 3 months.. mankind,s new consciousness. created the thing that was needed to bring about the changes..we are truly awesome creators , even in ways most of are still unaware of….

We are truly blessed to be around in these times..love you all GG πŸ˜‡πŸŒˆπŸŒΉπŸ’–

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