Pentagon UFO & alien existence disclosure,!!.

In June the Pentagon have promised to disclose all they know about UFO,s flying craft &: alien, ET, beings

This is the new energy human consciousness driving this into the of course there are still the dark connected elite on the planet who do not want this information to come
what a surprise…the very same people who know about this, & are working in conjunction with the 4 main negative higher;4,th  density collective, IE, the Annuaki, The Gray’s, Orions & their secret plans.

On 30th May there is planned a meeting of the 1% of the 1%..with there allied higher consciousness beings to try & bend & Alter the information that is meant to come out… another example of the dark energy panicking in an effort to keep its agenda hidden & in tact.

A fleet of AI drones, controlled by the consciousness of these beings are headed towards Earth..from Mars, & from the reactivated underwater  bases of the Gray’s , in order to change the consciousness, & in effect switch on the chip that has through alien (gray) abduction been embedded in the abductees to put this into operation.

Because humanities conscious is now more aware , many more of us will be able to see these drone like craft, despite then being small & invisible the skies over the next couple of weeks, & you will more likely be able to see the them..stay in love & light & simple observe.

This Pentagon revelation will be very interesting, there a lot of truth hidden among what will rewritten or distorted information..the truth is out there, & whatever truth  is revealed can only be a beautiful thing, & the beginning of what will be a dramatic influx of humanity understanding .


The beautiful shinning,light ,love,_ conscious of who we are is emerging..& enlightenment humanity are in the midst mid light , blessings & abundance to you all..GG💚💕

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