Agarthans & Admiral Byrd.

The Agarthans are our inner Earth family that inhabit Ahartha the inner Earth realm.

Jules Verne probably knew about this in his book “Journey to the center Earth” he refers to the Hollow Earth people.

The Argarthans are concerned with the direction of humanity towards a spiritual evolution & Ascension, & have been assisting the Galactic Federation of light ..they exist at the Earths core, where there is an inner sun

Much of the Atlantian civilization joined the Agarthans when Atlantis sunk, & some of the Lemurians, went underground when Lemuria sunk.

The Agarthans have spiritual technology, they have until the new energy of 2012, remained void of human communication, but now are ready to assist us in understanding Earth Mother Gaia in ways we have never known.

Medal of Honor recipient “Admiral Richard E Byrd” wrote about his encounter with a lost civilization in Antarctica (hollow Earth) Boyd met a ancient race underground in the South Pole

According to Byrd,s diary “the government of the time 1947” ordered Boyd to remain silent about what he witnessed during his Artic Expedition.

Admiral Boyd met “the master” the leader who told him of his concerns the surface world..(particularly at that time the Atomic bomb).

There are meant to be tunnels leading to Agartha in Tibet, The Great Pyramid of Giza, & the North Pole..among others.

What a beautiful amazing time we live in, so many benevolent blessed races are at hand to assist in our evolution..being alive for me as never been so wonderful.

In honour,respect, blessings & benevolence..GG

3 thoughts on “Agarthans & Admiral Byrd.

  1. This comment by “GG” is not without being flawed. GG cannot even spell Admiral Byrd’s name correctly, referring to him as Admiral Boyd! Ridiculous in my opinion! Roy Bliven, Author, Editor and Publisher of book, “Earth Inner Sanctum” © 2015 by IAM Publishing Company.


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