Celebrating getting younger πŸ’«

It’s my Birthday today..& guess what the 1st thing I did was reduce the my age on the about me page on this site…lol.

Now I am celebrating me being another year younger..yippee for me🀸

Always celebrate getting younger, .I actually tell my body everyday I give it permission to recalibrate my age & prolong my life. .did you know the human is designed to live for a minimum of 200yrs, 300yrs is easily possible,. Why you are probably asking?..well it’s to do with our learning, & remembering system..system is probably not the correct word, but it is appropriate for human 3D linear thinking..lol.

When we leave here our memories are stored in the Akash of our DNA in the crystalline grid of Earth mother Gaia ..it is returned when we choose to come back ..so upon remembering.who we are, we already have access to this information, meaning we do not have to learn those lessons again..we know them & what worked & what did not, enabling us to accelerate in our knowing of new wisdom & knowledge.

By living longer , we are given more linear time to learn more, simple really, thus accelerating our growth Everytime we return.

Think yourself younger,give permission to yourself to de-age, your body will more then willing, it is smart, & likes & loves you,.love it the same… constantly bring joy, happiness,fun, laughter, play into your life, force it if you find outside circumstances affecting you, it is innate, your body wants to, so you are not going against the grain, you are simply moving through the fear, anxiety & despair of your dark induced energy, which kills you(reduces life span)into our meant to be state of fun,loving, joyous,happy, childlike , benevolent, abundant beings.

Happy backwards birthdays to you all..πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‹. Blessings GG

2 responses to “Celebrating getting younger πŸ’«”

  1. Happy Birthday! ❀


  2. Happy backwards birthday!! Wishing you all the best, much love and light to you! I love this post and the twist on birthdays, excellent writing as always!! πŸ’›πŸ€—


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