Lemuria, Pleiadians & the beautiful females of Earth.

This is dedicated to all you beautiful females .

Does Lemuria exist?

Scientist using the Kepple Telescope, have found in our habitual Galaxy 11 billion possible planets that are like ours.. meaning one,s that could have similar life forms as ours…so the odds are there are other humanoid life forms.

So where is Lemuria ?it was in the Pacific

In all probability the mini continent of Lemuria is Hawaii..1 of 13 hotspots on the planet. The Pleiadians where on Lemuria, & it was a one time experience (life)..the Pleiadian starseed mother’s imprinted the females with the core Pleiadian teachings, using the lemurian teaching wheel …women/females were respected by the males, because they knew that the female carry the mantle of spiritual teachers & healers..they were the original shaman,witches herbal lore women,etc.. today’ women’s equal rights is not about Equality it is about women doing what they are good at, they are better equipped then men for healing,they have the motherly compassion,that intuition ability for softness…this is why over the last 10 or so years..with incoming 2012 high consciousness, more & more women have aligned to their Pleiadian mother 🌟 seed imprint, & taken up & will continue to, a career (calling) in spiritual, holistic healing.. the old energy of predominantly male healers has elaspsed it did not work..

On the 11.11.11..the seeds for a Lemurian sisterhood were planted ..this uses the core Pleiadian teachings, from Pleiadian starseed mother’s on Lemuria .. reminding women among many otheryhings how they they used to gather together for sacred meetings, celebrating & honouring there Feminine spiritual power…This now a established community by the wonderful Dr Amber Wolf..for any of you wonderful women interested in Lemuria,& particularly “The women of Lemuria” here is the link to the site..Lemurian sisterhood

Just to finish..here are two well known men that are Lemurians..lol..

The Buddha was a Lemurian…makes sense with his teachings.

Steven Spieberg..”close encounters of the 3rd kind” ..let’s be honest a alien being that was actually benevolent..no coincidence. Lol.

I send the women in particular a beautiful light language blessing,.& The rest of us respect,honour & love 💕..lol..my humour of course. Much Benevolence..GG

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