GG,s fun& feel good Alphabet

As it’s a fun phase we entered let’s have some!!🎉

A=Awesome!! B=Bouncy castle for growing adults!! C=Candy D=Disney E= Excellent (bill & Ted’s) F=Fantasy G=Groovy H=Happy days I= Ice Skating, J=Joy K= Krispy Kreme donuts L=laughter M= Making a mess N= N.E.R.F O=Oreo,s P = playing, Q=Quidditch (Harry Potter) R=Runaround S =snowballing T= Toys (what else)!!. U=up late (stay) V=vibe W=Wowzer X= Xpress yourself Y= Yabba dabba do!! Z= Zippyzeedoda!!.

Incorporate these in your life & enjoy yourself either on you own or with is the only game in town right now. Lol…I send you all a light language blessing. as ever GG

One response to “GG,s fun& feel good Alphabet”

  1. This is so creative and well done! I love what you’ve been saying about having fun, it is a great reminder for me. Thank you for bringing me joy!

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, no pressure at all, just wanted to show my appreciation for your work! Here’s the link:


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