(Magic) Psilocybin Mushrooms

For a while in the mid 1990,s Magic Mushrooms, in the UK were legal. Grow kits could be brought almost anywhere. Lol. This lasted about 3yrs before a law was passed making the possession of dried mushrooms illegal. Then in 2005 the selling of fresh mushrooms was banned!!!…funny enough it was around 1997. Lol. that I begun to grow & use mushrooms.

A grow kits at that time varied in price according to what type you purchased..but they ranged from £15.00 (Thai) -£25/30.00(Colombian).

I personally grew & tried Thai, Mexican, Hawaiian, & Colombian. Here is a brief summary of my own personal thoughts & experiences on each of these.

1: Thai…Cheapest to buy , found them the softest , hardly any hyllocogenic experience, a pretty good 4/d awareness ) perspective visionary wise..the taking of .5gram of mushrooms is considered a heavy dose,it took me 7-10g of these mushrooms for me to really get anything worthwhile.

2; Mexican..mid price, 5g of this mushroom worked very well on me, my third eye pulsated, & opened showing me beautiful visions of & understanding of tree,s, plants, flowers, fairies, particularly Tiargana (Queen ), sprites & the like, A decent experience, reasonably long lasting, very Gaia orientated.

3: Hawaiian..mid price, another really wonderful experience on 5g, decent trip length, in out,in out for about 3 /4 hours. Very angelic, feminine Goddess feelings & vision’s.. worthwhile for me..

4: Columbian..Top price..these for me were heavy & dark over long, goulish, winged demons, dark Goddess,s , very underworld from Greek & Roman mythology, very deep & intense ..1 trip was enough for me.

My 🍄 taking phase lasted about 18 months. I have no judgement on the taking of supplements in a person’s quest in their personal awakening , everybody has choices, you either do or don’t.

I as ever simply share my personal journeys experiences, as an insight .

💜Felt blessings & love. GG

3 thoughts on “(Magic) Psilocybin Mushrooms

  1. Well….there are states that are beginning to consider making mushrooms legal. I hope it catches on honestly because of the therapeutic effects that are had from them. Terminally ill patients often release their fear of death, making that transition much more peaceful. And microdosing! This has shown to help with depression and other mood issues. Here’s hoping it catches on!


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