More Bermuda triangle!

The Bermuda triangle is one place like hundreds on Earth ,that is a vortex yo other dimensions..In 1945 5 US military planes took a training mission flight , at 2pm when over the Known Bermuda triangle area all 5 planes suddenly disappeared.A short while after the rescue plane also vanished..6 planes and even today no credible evidence or explanation as to where they went or what happened as been found.

One of the few to have survived a flight through this area having encountered WEIRDNESS..was Bruce 1970 him and two others on a private flight witnessed flying through a an electrical.tornado that rotated and spun counter clockwise ..his instruments lost all direction, when emerged from this and was picked up on radar, he had arrived approximately 45 mintues earlier then possible.

Have a beautiful day!πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ’™..GG

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