AI.. Malevolent before Benevolent?

Hollywood have made dozens of films & programmes about AI

In Star Trek (next generation) Data a high ranking crew member is a AI creation & very Benevolent.

In the film.2001 by Stanley Kubrick it is man verses AI a computer named Al..who when it realises the human astronauts want to.shut it down because it is considered more powerful then the human,fights against it. Malevolent.

In 3001 the last remaining human astronaut, merges with the AI..knowing he has lost his humanity, & his consciousness is rapidly being absorbed by A1 the computer , bowman (human ) manages to destroy AI, at the cost of his human intelligence,& goes back to his original starseed form.

Blade runner a film based on the book by Phillip K Dick..The so called Hero Decker (Benevolent) who thinks he’s fighting against human robots, is in fact a replicant himself ?

Terminator films , the controlling Skynet AI decides it is superior to humans & dose not need them, thus the terminators are created to destroy humanity.(Malevolent)

Matrix where humanity exist in , a AI created illusory reality.& Used as food for robotic /Alien beings (Malevolent.)

According to 2007 there were dozens of sightings of what were known has dragonfly drones, in the space of a few months they evolved dramatically from what was surprised simple surveillance drones, into fully armed flying robots..manufactured by human workers, from. suspected higher alien technology.

Interesting!!..are we going to use this potential direction for humanity for malevolence or Benevolence..perhaps malevolence at the dark investments emerge..but change is the new expression of spirit.

You are all blessed😍..GG

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