Conscious awakening cards

I have launched a new 20 set of Consciousness Awakening Cards.

They depict different images to the ones on my blog, & are not number specific.

They are A7 size:.80mm w X 111mm H .doubled sided & laminated in two 125 grade coverings.

A handy convenient durable reminder of our consciousness awakening…they are imbued with my Consciousnesses prayer you will always have this energy with you.

The Conscious awakening text on each card are as follows:

  • Receiving downloaded information
  • When you know the voices in your head are real
  • Feeling,looking & younger getting. knowing humans are designed to live for 200/300yrs.
  • Now is all there ever is
  • Being among the % of humanity, that has helped light Consciousnesses into the Ascendancy.
  • Moving restricted ideas, to limitless potentials.
  • When you accept the existence of higher conscious beings
  • Seeing the shift in colours,as they became more vibrant & meaningful.
  • When weird and strange are your everyday reality.
  • Understanding fear is Darks most potent weapon.
  • Realising Gaia, is Earth’s Conscious Entity.
  • The Repairing of your DNA as it expands beyond 30%
  • Saying bye to Karma, placing it firmly in the past,& knowing the past no longer affects your future.
  • Third eye opening
  • Understanding Constant Change is the new normal :2 versions
  • Operating Effectively In A Dividing Earth: 2: versions
  • Feeling no judgement about yourself & others.
  • Knowing you are a Magnificent sovereign aspect of source.
  • Remembering who you truly are, forgetting who you think you are.
  • Knowing your own truth.

All cards come with thanks & gratitude credit for the original photography.

They are available for shipping now. The cards are priced at £3.00 each ,2 for £5.00. or £35.00 the set of 20 + £1.00 p&p.

E mail for order requirements..PayPal payments on payment page. ..orders dispatched upon payment.

Special gift : I am giving 1 free card of your choice, to the 1st 20 customers who apply…simply email me at with your shipping details & the card you would like to receive free.