Money: Nothing matters

Be truthful with the following. it’s your initial inner abundance trait. Selling Nothing promo” Upon making this purchase , you will.receive nothing Once you purchase nothing at the discounted rate of £4.99 you will receive an email confirmation confirming you purchased nothing. Please don’t get this confused with something, because you will indeed receive absolutelyContinue reading “Money: Nothing matters”

Toltecs & Teotihuacan

The Toltecs flourished between 9-12ad(1150) in Mexico. In 9ad they lived in the great historical legendary Archeological city Teotihuacan. Their chief at that time was Mixcoatl ( cloud serpent). & The cult of the god “Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent was formed. The military orders were The coyote,The Jaquars , & The Eagle. The Toltecs were notedContinue reading “Toltecs & Teotihuacan”

Water cleansing.

Water & blood are the two conductors & conduits of multi-dimensional consciousness . This is why a bath, or shower or swim or stroll by the sea, or walk around a lake enhances & relaxes us. Try to make your shower/bath time very special, merge with the cascading water,truly feel your connection , emerse yourself,Continue reading “Water cleansing.”

Being Right!!

➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ It’s so much better for you to be happy then Right!!. When you insist on being ➡️, you step into so many duality aspects of our 3D illusionary reality..there is no right there is only knowing or not knowing, when you understand & have your knowing, right becomes a thing for everybody else whoContinue reading “Being Right!!”

Back drop syndrome

I am not a Medical professional any information contained in this article is for advice & information only. If any of the symptoms referred to persists, feel free to consult a doctor.. thanks. Another sign that you might be awakening or expanding, is if you wake in the morning with lower back pain around theContinue reading “Back drop syndrome”

More Lockdown=more time to enhance yourself.

Seems more so called national lockdown,s are imminent. Sadly the masses of unawakened humanity, think this is a negative ,fear time,   in fact it a time of positivity,a time to invest & work on.yourself while indoors,free from outside influences & pressure,in the comfort of your own home,. A time to reflect, meditate,exercise, pray,read,learn, & empower.Continue reading “More Lockdown=more time to enhance yourself.”

Air that I Breathe

“peace comes upon me as I it in” “All I need is the air that I Breathe to love you” “All I need is the air that I Breathe yes I love you” song by the Hollies The air we breathe is sacred, the sacred breathe. A wonderful tool we all have to enhance ourContinue reading “Air that I Breathe”

Head & heart in unity.

Humankind has reached a crucial point in there higher self evolution. We are now in the Ascension space where the heart & head need to work in unity to aide not only our growth, but planet Earth’s as well. The head & heart have for millennia, served us as seperate entries, unable in the massesContinue reading “Head & heart in unity.”

The blindfold Angel

There lies a wonderful expanse of woidland near by filled with vibrant thriving nature.Within this beautiful creation there is a beautiful tree covered Grove, that has dazzling coloured flowers &  plants pulsating alive & beautiful. It is a place of immense splendour,&  peaceful tranquility,where the only sounds are birds in harmonic song.The scampering & rustlingContinue reading “The blindfold Angel”

A personal example of intuition at work

A while ago I was heading out to my local computer shop. I took my normal route, the sun was shining, , birds were chirping, everything was alive,bright & dandy. Suddenly I got the impulse of a incoming source message, it swept through me, clear & precise, insisting I should take a detour & visitContinue reading “A personal example of intuition at work”