A ego runs amok

A tale of the ego.. Ms X was driving her very very expensive brand new sports car. She parked & opened her door roadside, Crash, Splat, Crunch..as a passing car hit her opened door ripping it from it’s hinges. There were lot of people around watching this as Ms X screamed ” OMG!! My doorContinue reading “A ego runs amok”

The Giving Up Syndrome.

I recently saw on a spiritual forum blog, a post wherein the author simply said they were giving it all up. (There quest, spiritual journey or whatever you call it). The reason stated was they were frustrated ,feeling they could not get any further, despite doing regular discipline,s . There were numerous responses, to thisContinue reading “The Giving Up Syndrome.”

Emotion & Giving

Pin your ears back & listen .lol. Once we understand & finally have personal knowing (not just headspace knowledge) of the truth that each & every person chooses the circumstances they incarnate into on Earth, you can begin to look at all the pain & suffering that is happening to humanity from a detached non-judgementalContinue reading “Emotion & Giving”

God works in simple ways

In a small town somewhere, the floods arrived. The residents were asked to evacuate.One devoutly religious woman decided to stay, insisting god will save her. As the water levels rose she prayed to God asking him to save her.Still the rains fell, & the water was now seeping through her door.A row boat passed &Continue reading “God works in simple ways”

An example of your personal energy & a dimensional gateway.

I always try to give whenever possible practical examples of my experiences. I have already in my posts ” 🌏5D overlay” & “The disappearing hand”shown how you can see the speckled mist overlay, & how you can watch your hand /arm go all soapy & translucent (virtually disappearing).as it enters that dimension. Here is anotherContinue reading “An example of your personal energy & a dimensional gateway.”

Only You

Only You can change yourself!!. There is nothing you need or want outside of yourself, you are contributing to world change, you are the creator of a better brighter, more caring Earth, but that only starts with you–by utilising higher dimensional vibrational visualizations, thinking ,speaking & acting upon these the chain of change happens. AsContinue reading “Only You”

11/11 Gateway

In just over 5 days we enter the 11/11 gateway for 2020…this is a time of the year we enter our own personal Zero Point . This year is particularly potent, & holds great potential, 11 is the sacred number of angels, this energy gets massive when it opens on the 11th month of eachContinue reading “11/11 Gateway”

Being Right!!

➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ It’s so much better for you to be happy then Right!!. When you insist on being ➡️, you step into so many duality aspects of our 3D illusionary reality..there is no right there is only knowing or not knowing, when you understand & have your knowing, right becomes a thing for everybody else whoContinue reading “Being Right!!”

Back drop syndrome

I am not a Medical professional any information contained in this article is for advice & information only. If any of the symptoms referred to persists, feel free to consult a doctor.. thanks. Another sign that you might be awakening or expanding, is if you wake in the morning with lower back pain around theContinue reading “Back drop syndrome”

Sacred Geometry..my 1st Introduction to the double pyramid.

Around 21yrs ago, I attended a day long seminar in London , by a renowned (at that time) metaphysical lecturer & author. The afternoon session was dedicated to sacred Geometry,.I knew a little,about this, but not that much, what I knew was predominantly what I term “headspace knowledge” , my knowing was very limited (Continue reading “Sacred Geometry..my 1st Introduction to the double pyramid.”