Coperal linage

All the light beings were originally corperal, not only us, the Pleiadians, Arcturians ,Orion,s we are not alone. The Pleiadians came to Earth & Lemuria was formed (Hawaii)..they changed our DNA, & our species of human homo sapiens, were birthed. A million or so years previous the Arcturians birthed the Pleiadians,in the Pleidies star […]

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Galactic wars part one.

I mentioned a while back I would do a series of articles on our galaxies ,galactic wars..I always do what I’s good spiritual practice..& the time feels right for me to do so. This information comes from a variety of sources..Manual Limeroys “Galactic history, the galactic wars” being one source. This is a subject […]

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GG,s abc guide to the Universe.

A.. awakening..B…beauty.. C.. Cosmos….D..Divine. E.. energy… F…Freedom.. G..Gnost…H..honour I .. Infinate…J… Journey K..karma…L… Light M.. Manifestation. N…Nature…O…Oneness P… Presence..Q . Quantum R.. Remembering S..Starseed..T.. Truth U.. Universe..V..Vastness W..World..Y.. You Z..Zero Point. Easy as abc.. really..GG

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Because I am preparing a work on the “Real Galactic Wars” which for the most part took place in the Orion to help you (& here is a bit of background information. The constellation is pictured as a giant Hunter, with a shield in his hand, a belt & sword around his waist […]

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