We areπŸ’–

We are the blossoming seeds of our starseed mother’s… beginning to come to fruition. Me,you ,us are magnificent in our being πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ…GG

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Quote 7

Childs play; ” Believe in a Childs special invisible/source friend.. Support children’s knowing” Love & light GGπŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©

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There is no external control of you… you control your own body & actions… free choice can never be taken from you.. 🎈..in freedom..GG

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The Quickening

We humans in our 3D linear time thinking tend for the most part to believe that our evolution has been slow, we suffer with the trait known as impatience…lol. The truth is our evolution has been rapid in comparison to the rest of the Galaxy..for example our closest galactic family members the Pleiadians have been […]

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Finding home

Tomorrow is Valentine’s dsy…the day of love πŸ’›..love is strong, have you ever wondered why, you have to love yourself to understand it. Love is the glue..we have all at some point felt lost when without love.. lost because you are looking for home…when love is home…♀️♂️.. I love you all.. therefore I am on […]

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Womb of dark.

Our species of Humanity as selected by the Pleiadians, out of around 17 different species, has been around for about 200,000 yrs, which makes us a very young species in our galaxy, the Pleiadians themselves are over a million yrs old..we are the new kids on the block so to speak..for around a 100,000 or […]

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GG,s abc guide to the Universe.

A.. awakening..B…beauty.. C.. Cosmos….D..Divine. E.. energy… F…Freedom.. G..Gnost…H..honour I .. Infinate…J… Journey K..karma…L… Light M.. Manifestation. N…Nature…O…Oneness P… Presence..Q . Quantum R.. Remembering S..Starseed..T.. Truth U.. Universe..V..Vastness W..World..Y.. You Z..Zero Point. Easy as abc.. really..GG

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Whatever our relationship with our Earth mother, good,bad or indifferent, from a Earth 3D solid perspective we love them in the way we understand , notice I say Understand, rather then can, because love in this 3D reality is based on us knowing it as conditional, & not unconditional..& also as we choose the circumstances […]

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God works in simple ways

In a small town somewhere, the floods arrived. The residents were asked to evacuate.One devoutly religious woman decided to stay, insisting god will save her. As the water levels rose she prayed to God asking him to save her.Still the rains fell, & the water was now seeping through her door.A row boat passed & […]

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