New energy vision

This is the 1st.image I was shown in the expansive,upgraded new moon August 22nd energy..I have reproduced in it exactly as I saw it..the duel colours were more vivid however..two interconnected circles..known in sacred geometry as “Visica Pisces”this symbol signifies the root of all energy & creation” The two colours violet & green+more emerald in […]

The Merkarba

The Merkarba when seen with quantum vision is full.of vibrant colours (translucent). I quote the lyrics from the beautiful song “True colours” by Cyndi Lauper in honour of your Merkarba. “But I see true colours shinning through I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you, so don’t be a afraid to let […]

Circle of life

The circle is a sacred geometry represents time in the multi-dimesional universe. It is the continuing cycle of life..all.planets are round, including our 🌞 , 🌕 & 🌎…all planets rotate around our galaxy approximately once every 250 million yrs, our planet Earth goes through 12 star system cycles every 2,125yrs, completing it’s entire planetery […]

The Arcturians & Sacred Geometry: implants

The Arcturians are  higher dimensional light beings that exist in  the *Bootles” constellation star system. .. there home  planet us  known as Arcturus, any 🌟 system app will give you basic access to this to learn more about this star system The Arcturians themselves have been channelling us messages for a good few years now.I […]

Sacred 1st Introduction to the double pyramid.

Around 21yrs ago, I attended a day long seminar in London , by a renowned (at that time) metaphysical lecturer & author. The afternoon session was dedicated to sacred Geometry,.I knew a little,about this, but not that much, what I knew was predominantly what I term “headspace knowledge” , my knowing was very limited ( […]

Sacred Geometry

There are 7 basic sacred Geometry symbols. Yes 7 . They are the basic 🔺,◼️,🔵, & ➕, The spiral, the single pyramid,& the ✡️ the star of David. Here is a brief idea there meaning. 🔺:Balance,elevating to higher consciousness 🔵: Wholeness, oneness,cycle of life. ◼️: Stability, the base of the pyramid ➕:The midpoint is […]