More Money

We are constantly bombarded with cheaper this, cheaper that, sale now on, lowest ever.price, buy now never cheaper, how much you can save…etc. As well as a marketing ploy to get you to buy, it is specifically designed from a low dark energy thinking to keep you in money lack..always thinking you need to saveContinue reading “More Money”

Abundance through the letterbox

Here is a exercise that I learnt years ago that will show you how you feel about money Abundance & letting go. Pick a day & time to visit all your neighbours, either in your block or in your street & post $10 or pound through there letterbox…what a beautiful generous gift to your fellowContinue reading “Abundance through the letterbox”

Coming..Soon Money.

I have not yet covered Money in my far. Lol. & Guess what this is not a full blog post on money. But just consider this… Coming soon…Money lots of it just for you…I will personally give any reader who likes this post , my permission to possess an infinite amount of RememberContinue reading “Coming..Soon Money.”