A Exercise in Dna & ,Karma mining

As I have stated several times, the new paradym of spiritually is all about our DNA…our DNA is spiritual, only the 30% our dna that is operational is the biological part, the rest is inter-dimensional. Elijah the prophet saw his god force a 8×8 meter billions of light cells that surrounds us..he named it in […]

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Charge of the light brigade.

A personal take In 2010 I entered the inner dark dimensional energy. It is through a tube that is rather like a Helter Skelter fairground ride, only you are in a condensed tube. The journey seemed to take forever but was less then a few seconds..I emerged on a desert like surface, I was expecting […]

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Sacred Geometry

There are 7 basic sacred Geometry symbols. Yes 7 . coincidence..lol. They are the basic 🔺,◼️,🔵, & ➕, The spiral, the single pyramid,& the ✡️ the star of David. Here is a brief idea there meaning. 🔺:Balance,elevating to higher consciousness 🔵: Wholeness, oneness,cycle of life. ◼️: Stability, the base of the pyramid ➕:The midpoint is […]

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