A blue moon & Halloween!!

WOW. A blue moon & Halloween tonight (a blue moon is the second full moon in a month). ..this duel event occurs every 19 years Here is a Irish folklore associated with the Halloween jack-o- lantern symbol. Taken from Wikipedia: On his way home from a night of drinking, Jack encountered the “😈 & managedContinue reading “A blue moon & Halloween!!”

Appointment with Death

A old middle Eastern fable tells the story of a young merchant in Ancient Mesopotamia. He was sitting in a hotel when he thought he saw death walk in. You know the one, hooded & dressed in black flowing robes, carrying it’s trademark Skythe. Not the more glamorous punk female creation in the “Sandman” comicsContinue reading “Appointment with Death”

All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.

According to light & energy worker Jarrad Hewett, who is  renowned for his insights,techniques, & work, who I respect & admire, Earth has had 30 energy shifts this month…now I can only say this is what I call “headspace knowledge ” as fact, but can tell you as personal knowing, so being able to addContinue reading “All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.”

The numbers game.

Firstly before I continue, I wish to let it be known I have empathy with all the families that have lost somebody in the Covid -19 situation. According to the latest official numbers/figures, worldwide Covid-19 related deaths is 1,173,777…When this figure is related to the mass populace,most gasp,or shirk in horror, dismay, shock,or some otherContinue reading “The numbers game.”

Nicholas Flamel.. alchemist 1330-?

I love characters like this , full of mystery, intrigue & charisma. Nicholas Flamel, born in Paris 1330..a scripture, bookseller, spoke a dozen languages, married in 1368 to a beautiful so called sorceress named “Pernelle” He had a dream about a book that could transmute & transform metals using something called the Philosophers stone& howContinue reading “Nicholas Flamel.. alchemist 1330-?”

Head & heart in unity.

Humankind has reached a crucial point in there higher self evolution. We are now in the Ascension space where the heart & head need to work in unity to aide not only our growth, but planet Earth’s as well. The head & heart have for millennia, served us as seperate entries, unable in the massesContinue reading “Head & heart in unity.”

The blindfold Angel

There lies a wonderful expanse of woidland near by filled with vibrant thriving nature.Within this beautiful creation there is a beautiful tree covered Grove, that has dazzling coloured flowers &  plants pulsating alive & beautiful. It is a place of immense splendour,&  peaceful tranquility,where the only sounds are birds in harmonic song.The scampering & rustlingContinue reading “The blindfold Angel”

A personal example of intuition at work

A while ago I was heading out to my local computer shop. I took my normal route, the sun was shining, , birds were chirping, everything was alive,bright & dandy. Suddenly I got the impulse of a incoming source message, it swept through me, clear & precise, insisting I should take a detour & visitContinue reading “A personal example of intuition at work”

Earth in 5D..when?

This is difficult for me, I always unless I state so come from my own personal knowing, as previous mentioned “headspace knowledge” is recycled information, that until you know personally may or may not be true, despite the origin of the source, no matter how interesting or insightful. So I can tell you through myContinue reading “Earth in 5D..when?”


The ego itself is a space in us that houses our 3D characteristics, our human 3D identity if you like.. often along the path of our spiritual journey/path it gets in the way of our expansion…it sometimes (quite often ) needs to be eased aside, to allow us to progress.. Too much ego will slowContinue reading “Ego!!”