World population (Explosion)?

I like to keep things is a little more complicated for me !!..double The population of Earth has soared over the last 20 yrs in particular, from 5 Billion to around 7 Billion..approx. Lol. Some put it down to the lack of birth control in Africa & Asia, despite china putting a capContinue reading “World population (Explosion)?”


Whatever our relationship with our Earth mother, good,bad or indifferent, from a Earth 3D solid perspective we love them in the way we understand , notice I say Understand, rather then can, because love in this 3D reality is based on us knowing it as conditional, & not unconditional..& also as we choose the circumstancesContinue reading “Mother’s.”

I am inspired by…

3 of my present favorite inspirational people. (In no particular 1, Don Miguel Ruiz. 2. 3. Jarrad Hewett I wish also to give a big shout ,thanks blessings to the following. Diosraw…Diosdraw com Be Inspired!! Mytidka From mage Ace.. These are just a few worthy mentions in our evergrowing wonderfulContinue reading “I am inspired by…”

Doing Nothing

Those of us who are consciously aware they are on a spiritual journey, soon begin to realise that consciously create our own we change our inner self, that perception begins to reflect in our outer reality..this fact & truth!!. What we often find is the outer change is not exactly as we originally thoughtContinue reading “Doing Nothing”

GG,s fun& feel good Alphabet

As it’s a fun phase we entered let’s have some!!🎉 A=Awesome!! B=Bouncy castle for growing adults!! C=Candy D=Disney E= Excellent (bill & Ted’s) F=Fantasy G=Groovy H=Happy days I= Ice Skating, J=Joy K= Krispy Kreme donuts L=laughter M= Making a mess N= N.E.R.F O=Oreo,s P = playing, Q=Quidditch (Harry Potter) R=Runaround S =snowballing T= Toys (whatContinue reading “GG,s fun& feel good Alphabet”


We have forgotten we are here to have joy!! We have forgotten we are here to have fun!! We have forgotten we are to laugh!! We have forgotten we are to be playful We have forgotten we are here to be happy We have forgotten we are to inspire , not only others , butContinue reading “Forgotten”

Let’s have some fun & play time..with Titania..

Nobody who is on a path to truth & enlightenment can tell me they have not heard of Titania..the fairy Queen…Ok Shakespeare may have immortalized her in ” A Midsummer’s night dream”..for which he deserves 3 cheers .are you ready “Hip,Hip,.. Hooray, Hip,Hip,.. Hooray, Hip, Hip, Hooray… give yourself a round of applause while youContinue reading “Let’s have some fun & play time..with Titania..”