9 years left.

There are 9.more years left out of the 36yr new energy timeline. 2012 was the anchor point , once humanity & the planet.passed that midway point, the light consciousness/energy was in sufficient quantity & to gradually erase the old 3D linear rinse repeat ,rinse ,repeat cycle. The elite negative elements of humanity, have their ownContinue reading “9 years left.”

Tweet from Awakening phoenix (@AwakeningPhoen1)

Awakening phoenix (@AwakeningPhoen1) Tweeted: A New Alien Species! The Alirians https://t.co/HxATC5LQRv #ufo #ufotwitter #ufodisclosure #Aliens #alien https://twitter.com/AwakeningPhoen1/status/1399786789112532996?s=20 Hmm..the Alirians..a high density 5th dimensional benevolent race. Love love..GG💚

Watch “Russian Boy Claims He Lived on Mars in a Past Life, and He Brought a Warning About Earth’s Future” on YouTube

This is the story of Boris, born in 1996 & known as an Indigo child..I did a article on Indigo children on the 21st.of Jan if interested. Many more aware children are now being born..a new 4D awareness is upon us. Love & light GG💟

Cosmic web to other galaxies!!

https://www.futurity.org/dark-matter-map-galaxies-2572622/ A cosmic web of dark matter , is a map to other galaxies. This intergalactic information is coming thick & fast.. the once individual what can spirituality do for me , is fast fading, it is becoming increasingly forming bonds, communication & connection with the one source..bigger then any self wanting 3D ego. BlessingsContinue reading “Cosmic web to other galaxies!!”

UFOs Sighting in London Tonight!! Just two hours ago!

This is video footage of UFO,s in London on the 29th May.. This area of awareness is the main focal point of humanities light consciousness wanting to know the truth right now..some amazing revelations coming soon.. Brace yourself.. blessings in love..GG💖

Einstein’s Theory in Doubt?

As I have predicted on many occasions in my writings..so many things (well literally everything) we have ever known is changing…I once again repeat.” The normal.is expect constant change”..it’s becoming so fast paced now.. There is beauty , expansion , understanding & knowledge in change.. embrace,enjoy,open up, become a conscious free being. Have a beautiful,expansive,Continue reading “Einstein’s Theory in Doubt?”

Watch “Radar confirms UFO swarm around Navy warship” on YouTube

More UFO confirmation. This is really the in thing right now, no matter what your spiritual conceptions, humanity is now on the brink of a galactic expansion way beyond anything we have ever experienced.. In truth,love & light GG, 💚

UFOs are about to make their way to the U.S. Senate. Here’s what to know.

https://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/ufos-are-make-way-us-senate-know-rcna973?icid=recommended The Truth is soon here (partially at least)..lol. Have a wonderful day, love GG💫

The ever diminishing demise of darkness.

Earth & humanity with some help from our galactic benevolent connected beings have started the process of what I call “the ever diminishing demise of darkness” .the dense dark energy that once was a thick crust around us is now wafer thin,& torrents of light frequency are pouring down not destroying the dark because energyContinue reading “The ever diminishing demise of darkness.”


Scientific research shows that when there is a full.moon, more people act in negative way..our consciousness changes as the dark.spaces & places &;hidden negativity in our body surface..we feel.out of sorts & confused,..there is generally more violence , robbery, drunkenness,& other so called anti- social behaviour..is this how we get the term Lunar-tic, associated withContinue reading “Lunar-tic”