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“Living your Spirituality” Reminder: It’s time to live your spiritual awareness in the now–every moment,not just meditation or quiet time, that is old energy…Express your magnificence, go beyond the dark energy of fearing what others think. This is the time of the awakened human.” In blessings & love 🧡GG

The moguls are coming!!

Gengis Khan (1162-1277( was the ferocious leader of the mogul warlike warriors, they conquered through fear,& pillage,..a warning was always given when a town or village was targeted for an Eminant attack… therefore for the most part the population of these areas would had the choice to upsticks & move on or stay . ThoseContinue reading “The moguls are coming!!”

I am inspired by…

3 of my present favorite inspirational people. (In no particular order..lol) 1, Don Miguel Ruiz. 2. Outerlimitsradio.com 3. Jarrad Hewett I wish also to give a big shout ,thanks blessings to the following. Diosraw…Diosdraw com Be Inspired!!..Empress2inspire.blog. Mytidka speak..Mytidkaspeak.com From mage mind..frommagemind.com Ace.. fearlessfreesoul.com These are just a few worthy mentions in our evergrowing wonderfulContinue reading “I am inspired by…”