Know who you are?

Blessings in light & love💚💙💜🖤..GG

The 7 aspects of Gaia

  • The light that radiates from Earth Mother Gaia, is like a protective star for radiates seven glowing points I call these the “Graces of Gaia” they are
  • Tenderness
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Respect
  • Honour


Imbue these in your ❤️ & soul & they will aide you in protection & spirit here on Earth.

May the Goddess Gaia bless you…much blessing GG

The exotic& sensual garden of Light.

Just a few feet away, beyond illusory 3D, lies a shimmering garden of light.

The 🌸,a shimmer & glow ,their colors intermingle & dance erotically, sensual, sending a warm sensation through your Metabah light body.

Pure essence is visible, vibrant lavender that looks like floating leaves,shining brilliant golden yellow threads , soft soothing light emerald pearls, rings of purple & circles of orange like smoke.

Multicoloured birds 🐦 of a heavenly nature , flutter there wings,circling majestically around & around. A squirrel chases it’s own tail, a white husky dog plays with a 🌈 🏀. The plants move of there own accord in tune to a mesmering song, a song of 😍, laughter& fun, rhythmic& soothing. There are owls, Eagles & white tigers, all mingling together in harmony & respect, An incredible feeling of divine love 💕 & honour.

Several gaily coloured trees are fluttering gently in a soft breeze, a delightful array of sweet& perfumed smells trickle your senses & torment your 👃, ☁️,a of silver & red perform delightful acrobatic routines, & strange mushrooms 🍄, grapes & cabbage grow.

A place of great activity & yet nothing seems to happen, a place of laughter& song yet silence reigns, abundant colours abound yet only a heavenly 🔆 shines…a place of astounding beauty, yet beyond description..a place only a few feet away yet un visited by most. ..come & visit, its within your thoughts , perceptions& manifestation abilities…i send you 💞 in grace & gratitude. GG

🌍5 Dimensional Overlay.

Around the year 2000, I was told the Earth experienced a 5th dimensional overlay, a bridging of the gap, between this 3D earth & dimensions beyond…when seen it resembled something like the above picture…

It took me until 2010 to actually experience its existence.I refer to this as the “speckled mist phenomenon” Since 2019 I have had the wonderful opportunities to experience this vision, every night if I choose.

When looked at you can(depending on your growth)see how close the 5th dimension is & see images beyond the mist

If you want to see this for yourself, here’s how I accesss it…when in a dark room, preferably at 🌌..relax sitting or lying down, I mostly am laying in bed, a little trickle of light 💡 helps..first gaze at the wall or ceiling in front of you..slowly move your 👀line towards you, till you are gazing at a spot approximately 8 to 10″ in front of you..blink a couple of times,refocus relaxed, & after about 10-15 seconds you should see a speckled mist appear dancing & moving majestically in front of you….this is the visible gateway to dimensions beyond our 3D…..try this excercise a few times ifs you wish , eventually you will see “the speckled mist anomaly.. Once seen, access to a higher dimension is almost certain. In gratitude ❤️& blessings GG

Moon & Raven

At around 08.30 GMT one morning I was in the woods near me & I saw a raven, it was sunny & bright & yet behind the racen was the setting moon.

It was an extraordinary sight, I stopped & watched the raven, blowing it 💕..despite everything there is still an unending areay of beauty & love around us…when seen from oneness perception. Love & blessings. GG

The Big Yawn 🤭

Continuing with examples of how you become aware you are expanding from 3D..

Another of my regular experienced occurrences in my process of shifting & moving lower energy vibrations, is continued yawning when in deep trance meditation.

With me it started relatively early around the same time as the 👂buzz. Again it began as a an occasional yawn, gradually escalating until it became an integral part of my meditation / truth, in an hours session the yawning at it’s peak probably consisted 20/25 minutes.

It was a real expelling of old self energy.. Deep, & cleansing, real movement, a consistent that reminds you , you are making progress..yet another sign that your body is changing 🤔..embrace this!!…i bless & love 💕 you. .GG

The buzz Lightear👂

One of the most common signs that your physical body is & you are beginning to expand, release & bring in more 💡is the Ear buzz..i call this the Buzz light👂after the great character in “Toy Story”.

This is generally a very early sign of transfoming, it started in my experience as a gentle buzzing /cracking sound lasting at 1st for only a few moments. As I continued my personal pursuit of expansion it got gradually louder for longer periods, buzz, buzz. buzzing like a 🍯 or wasp. Many of you may have experienced this?…if you are on an awakening journey it is not But a sign of you becoming more aware…yipeee!🤸‍♂️ you are on your way. .i send you my blessings 💖. GG


The Great Awakening.💥

Where to begin?.my own truth of course..Mid December 2019:I was at a major London railway station suddenly I felt my entire right side go numb, I thought I was having a stroke..i wobbled , instinct took over, I sat down & intuitively started to breathe. My brain pulsated, but my mind seemed to expand, I remember it so vividly, & for the 1st time I truly knew 💬. I knew the world, Earth was changing, & ironically without doubt in that moment I had changed…I literally felt the world shift. ..& everything I had been told in the 14yrs, from 30yrs ago, became my truth.I can now say to you, in clarity, Planet Earth🌍🌎🌏, is rapidly ascending away from the 3D,realm into the 5th dimension…the great awakening is upon us.. ..blessings & love ❤️ GG

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