Abundance through the letterbox

Here is a exercise that I learnt years ago that will show you how you feel about money Abundance & letting go.

Pick a day & time to visit all your neighbours, either in your block or in your street & post $10 or pound through there letterbox…what a beautiful generous gift to your fellow humans..do this without any fear,or guilt, or resentment..you will step into abundance & wealth no end .trust the giving & receiving of the natural flow of abundance.

Lots of Abundance & love..๐Ÿ’–…GG

Out comes the dark

Just a quick reminder..

The dark energy of the British government , & Media..have created another tool in fear over the covid-19 outbreak.. They have Stated in the best interest of the people of course” even people who do not show symptom,s may have the virus …& ” Act like you have the virus”…that is certainly doing what’s right for the people..I send benevolent love to the authorities, & may the light erase your misguided freedom of choice.. because it will ..& you will come back as a new human.. I am laughing not in judgement but in blessings ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ƒ..joy,fun & my connection to God…much love..GG

My beautiful starseed Mother.

I stand arms aloft ,feet slightly apart, in the star shape.

As soft sonic light language musical tones omit from my I am self,vocal melodies of my starseed song, in honour of my beautiful starseed mother.

Oh her compassion, her delightful gaiety,giggling & laughter as she embraces me with a feminine love beyond comprehension.

She is dignified,it is poignant feminity unleashed in it’s pure majestical beauty.

Oh yes my mother hears my song, always,as my sonic harmony vibrant infinately throughout the galaxy..”my child ” she tells me “it dances in wonderment among all feminity..by your actions you empower the female”. I shiver at her words, her magnificent benevolent love.

I stand as a human star in humility,embraced & bathed in unspeakable warmth,beauty, compassion,wisdom & love.

“Oh my beautiful starseed mother I bless you “.her innate feminine motherly instincts help remind me I have been female many times.

I feel wonderful in that knowing,the feminine energy is alive,spreading,healing & unifying the masculine of the Earth.

I am your child my beautiful starseed mother, but we both know we are so much more.

I honour ,bless & love the female..๐Ÿ’•felt benevolence as always..GG

Gaia,s energy hotspots.

Their are 12 pairs of:sacred hotspots on Earth, created by the Pleiadians, probably where they landed on this.planet…they are known as Nodes & Nulls, or Time capsules..they are a duality energy of push & pull…they were set to activate on 21st of December 2012..if humanity reached this point without destroying themselves…in our magnificence we did..lol.

The location of the pairs as channeled by kryon via Lee Carroll..http://www.kryon.com are (24 locations.in all)..the a,s are nodes & b,s Nulls.

1a: Maui.. Hawaii

1b: Chad..South Africa

2a: lake Titicara..Peru

2b Mt Kailash..Tibet

3a Yucatan Pennsylvania. Mexico.

3b: Mt Kilmanjaro.. Tanzania.

4a: Mt Shasta, Calif..USA.

4b: Mt Ararat.. Turkey

5a: Uluru (Australia)

5b: Mt Liyon Yukon Canada.

6a: Mt Ida.. Arkansas..USA

6b: Mt Fitzroy.. Argentina

7a: Aonaki..Mcutlech.. New Zealand.

7b: Urol Mountains.. Russia.

8a: Mt Blanc.. France

8b: Mt Aconcagua.. Argentina

9a: Glastonbury .. England.

9b: Gunnbjorn Fjord.. Greenland.

10a: Rila mountain .. Bulgaria

10b: Victory Mountain.. Kyrgyzstan

11a: Moch Picchu..Peru

11b: Andes.Pyrennes. Spain

12a: Table Mountain.. South Africa.

12b: Meili snow mountain..China.

There are time capsules in the oceans..whales & dolphins are linked with multi-dimensional information.

& They are in our DNA ..(Akash).

Awareness & information are our key to remembering & raising our vibrational energy levels.

I send you benevolent love & blessings…GG

All life Matters

This gif says it all.about human life.. humanity also needs to care about the 100,000,s of other life forms on our Planet..go beyond 3D linear thinking..heal human differences, by becoming aware & knowing we are,all sovereign aspects of the god/source, connected in benevolence,love & compassion..fly above it all & see everything through the eye of source & connection, without judgement, watching, listening to ourselves, & change as the the consciousness of humanity rises.. welcome to the new human.

Much love & blessings..GG

Pulling upon & staying in Joy

Joy is such an healing power.. laughter is a potent medicine..your body innate abilities respond to joy, happiness,& laughter..by remembering & bringing all your inner childs lives joyful moments into your consciousness your life span enhances,& your life becomes more joyful..be childlike.as much as possible.

Joy is perhaps the prime aspect of if god/source..joy is contagious..here are four attributes.of bringing & sustaining joy in your life.

1: positive,meaningful affirmations, from memory repeated every morning..no matter how you feel..& if course throughout the day.

You body responds to your voice & choice to bring joy, happiness & laughter.

2: laughter.. remembering what makes you laugh.. listen,,watch & read things that make you laugh & giggle.

3: recognize & know a basic truth..body wants to heal .it is waiting to be given permission, open the door.

4: Force the 1st 3 if you have to.. because joy,laughter & giggling are natural..

You are bigger then you ever think, your body is smarter than you know..embrace joy, happiness & laughter everyday in your life..your cellular structure works..joy will sustain you through all the seemingly negative, dark energy times ahead..it is truly amazing, magnificent & healing.

You have my love & blessings to overflow & indulge in joy, happiness & laughter…GG

The change is coming!!

America yesterday Wednesday 6th January..the exposing of the dark has begun.. while most Americans looked on in horror at the events.. They probably should be jumping with joy in a beautiful benevolent way..the change is happening..& it’s going to get even more bumpy.. over the next few months events like this will occur throughout the Western world in particular..the dark is being purged from our planet..all you lightworkers are now needed ,to help spread love, benevolence,hope, joy & through your conscious thoughts & compassionate action, you are the ones who will smile,laugh,dance, & be non-judgemental on others, encouraging the respect,dignity,& the love of God,source, in yourself & others,..the change is coming..stand tall, as you fly above it all..& shine the light on our beautiful, wonderful,changing Earth..Gaia, benevolent humans,higher dimensional beings of love & light, angels of beauty ,& source I stand by you in this exciting time for Earth , humanity & the Galaxy..GG

Are worldwide lockdowns, a protective message from light?

Ask yourself what are your concerns about any lock down ..if you have any anxieties,fears or anger you are buying into the dark energy…being indoors alone or with immediate family is awesome, you can play the music you may have not heard for a long time,or read those books you always wanted to, or have fun with children playing, cooking your favorite foods, drinking your favorite drink,..& that’s without spending invaluable time just being & connecting with the god force you are & your universal & Galactic family…now what if that source,god,or force beyond the veil, just happened to play a wild card of protection for those who are aware ,& can see beyond 3D linear thinking..suppose lockdown has been created to get us to used to staying in, moving us beyond the our fear, as a discipline, readying us for the probable violent backlashes in our town’s & cities streets in the coming few months..as those of humanity who are still steeped in dark energy confront their darkness, there fears, frustration,s anger & despair at their perceived breakdown of reality..not knowing this is a requirement needed to purge Earth & humanity of the dark dense energy..& return it to light..& source light in it’s Infinate wisdom & knowing created & has given us a chance to protect ourselves from this dark time by allowing us to get used to staying safe in our homes as all this unfolds, so we can just be, & offer benevolence , love, understanding ,& non-judgement to those of us who have not yet awakened..this is probably what they need to start a spark I side them..those of us more light filled & aware have no need to participate in this coming chaos.. because the source had shown us how to protect ourselves..& we know it will pass & better , beautiful times lay ahead.

In love, benevolence & light..GG