11/11 Gateway

In just over 5 days we enter the 11/11 gateway for 2020…this is a time of the year we enter our own personal Zero Point .

This year is particularly potent, & holds great potential, 11 is the sacred number of angels, this energy gets massive when it opens on the 11th month of each year..here is a simple excecise to try in the days leading up to this powerful energy event ..it is a 5D expansion opening technique.

Close your eyes, breath & exhale 11 times, in the blank space in your mind, bring forth 3 objects, be specific, a yellow horse drawn cart for instance, a white owl , a feather, hold each of these images for a few moments then release them..open your eyes, give gratitude relax..now over the next few days without focusing on any of your objects, just be aware & see if they turn up in your life, remember they could turn up anywhere at anytime, words,song,pictures, on doors, shop signs, advertising boards, books,comics, etc…don,t worry if they do not..it’s about training your mind & conscious to attract _ create in a simple way. .I would be interested in your experiences , if you care to let me know ..

The 11/11 is the big for trance, meditation…love love 💜. GG

Being Right!!


It’s so much better for you to be happy then Right!!. When you insist on being ➡️, you step into so many duality aspects of our 3D illusionary reality..there is no right there is only knowing or not knowing, when you understand & have your knowing, right becomes a thing for everybody else who dose not understand their knowing.. which is fine, it’s ok you accept everybody,s rightness as being correct to them. In knowing you are happy with your own understanding of everything you are…even if 1 million others disagree with you , it’s irrelevant, once you know ,you know, pointless disagreements over duality issues causes seperation from the oneness of source we are..choose to happy rather then Right, I am never ➡️, I only ever know or don’t know. . simples… blessings in love💞…GG

The Arcturians & Sacred Geometry: implants

The Arcturians are  higher dimensional light beings that exist in  the *Bootles” constellation star system. .. there home  planet us  known as Arcturus, any 🌟 system app will give you basic access to this to learn more about this star system
The Arcturians themselves have been channelling us messages for a good few years now.
I have listened to a lot of this  channeled data.  The Arcturians themselves are a loving ,playful race of light beings, that have  come to offer their higher dimensional wisdom & knowledge….& assist us in our & Earth’s  expansion to 5D & beyond .
I found one particular channelling session from around 2017/18 very fascinating & interesting, & now after transmuting it from just *headspace knowledge” to personal understanding, feel now is the time to write this in my own words. It is not as charming & witty as the Arcturian version…lol…& is only a part of the entire communication..you can if you wish hear a ton of there channeled conversations by simply going on YouTube
“Humanity as they expand into their higher light bodies, (Merkabah), gain more access & understanding of the universes wisdom & knowledge, part of this is being aware that when the individual self is expansive enough & your body is able to absorb… one of the sacred symbols of Geometry will be implanted in you ..you will not get a chance which one. .as this is already decided. You will however become aware of this happening , as overtime you will see this symbol more than any other..it will be shown to you more till this will be your only focused intention. .when this happens, the implant will take place “
How fascinating & truly mesmerising. The rise of enlightened super humans is truly upon us…Chaos,dis-order,mus-trust, control,envy,anger judgement, lack,are all being lifted & absorbed   into the the unity of light & love…. blessings & love GG

Back drop syndrome

I am not a Medical professional any information contained in this article is for advice & information only. If any of the symptoms referred to persists, feel free to consult a doctor.. thanks.

Another sign that you might be awakening or expanding, is if you wake in the morning with lower back pain around the kidney,coccyx area. I term this ad the Back drop Syndrome. As we detox, & shift blocked energies & slush not needed, throughout.our bodies,via overnight meditation,trance,dream & astral states these shifting energies flow downwards &out through the lower back region, the kidneys & coccyx act as a filter & drainage point for there release, the saying *I feel stabbed in the back” comes to mind.

Depending on how much backache /pain/twinges you feel, pertains to how much stuff you dissipate overnight.. if this is a sign of awakening, growth, expansion, symptom, it should pass after you do a bit of physical activity..should they persist longer than about half an hour , ,& day after day, you might want to seek medical advice..in my experiences of the back drop, it tends to last no longer the 20 minutes, & I get these symptoms about 2-3 times a week..just be cautious for own well-being… blessings in love & light GG

Aliester Crowley 1875-1947 (occultist/magician

Another of those fascinating historical characters

Born into a wealthy family who owned a brewery. He was educated at Trinity college, Cambridge…he soon took an interest in Western Estoricism (various forms of Western philosophy, religion,art, literature,, music, spiritually,& magic).

By the age of 23 he had joined the Esoteric ” Hermetic order of the golden Dawn” a society that practiced the teachings of ceremonial magic, soon becoming a Master Magician..he travelled extensively, learning about Buddhism,& Hinduism, & while traveling to Egypt in 1904 he claimed he was contacted by an entity named Hiwass.. which enabled him to write in days a book called ” The book of Truth”. ..the writing of this book & his constant clashes with the “Golden Dawn” heiracahy caused him to leave that organization & form his own society/organization “The religion of Thelma”..whose motto was “do what thou wilt”

Having so called pro-german tendacies, during pre w11 & the years beyond he was once labeled “the most evil man in Britain” ..it was claimed he was a big recreational drug experimenter, , & once took enough opium to kill an Elephant & survived..he was considered to be among the most powerful magicians of his time.

Although married, it was allegied he was bisexual,& he & his followers often had magic/sex orgies…

I did in my early years take a deep interest in the golden Dawn, Ceremonial magic, the occult, Tarot, & Qabbalah, hence my interest in this rather charasmatic if egotistical gentleman… blessings & love GG

Sacred Geometry..my 1st Introduction to the double pyramid.

Around 21yrs ago, I attended a day long seminar in London , by a renowned (at that time) metaphysical lecturer & author.

The afternoon session was dedicated to sacred Geometry,.I knew a little,about this, but not that much, what I knew was predominantly what I term “headspace knowledge” , my knowing was very limited ( not completely void)…lol.

The last couple of hours was dedicated to the host, trying to convey what at that time as far as I am aware , new information,data, symbol knowledge, wisdom,call it what you will, he said he had been given access to..it involved a rather, to me anyway, complex & complicated double pyramid (new sacred symbol) explanation, about how this symbol represented the 26 dimensional universe.

A Point at the center of the square middle base was deemed to be Zero point …most of the audience (including me) seemed lost (that being a judgement by me at the time) ironically the lecturer himself seemed to sense his audience ( most of it anyway)was not ready to digest or understand this information..& in all grace & respect to him ,he swiftly moved on ,gently bringing the day to a with a guided meditation & a gloriously funny story.

Now 20 odd years later , my knowing of sacred Geometry & symbols has greatly improved & the double pyramid knowledge is becoming more readily understood by many many more..me I am still awaiting the full knowing, of this knowledge, a young puppy really .. fascinating information however,..worth keeping in your headspace as I am almost certain, you & me will as unity expansion happens eventually know .

You are all beautiful,loved beings ..GG

Sacred Geometry

There are 7 basic sacred Geometry symbols. Yes 7 . coincidence..lol. They are the basic 🔺,◼️,🔵, & ➕, The spiral, the single pyramid,& the ✡️ the star of David.

Here is a brief idea there meaning.

🔺:Balance,elevating to higher consciousness

🔵: Wholeness, oneness,cycle of life.

◼️: Stability, the base of the pyramid

➕:The midpoint is heaven & Earth merging

The spiral: golden number, Fibonacci, connects physical self to higher self.

The ⏏️:contains the spiral,◼️&🔺& the numbers 3(triangle) & 4 (square)

✡️:This is the 2D symbol.of the Mekabah. (Light body)..

This is a very very basic beginning…I will put up a follow in the next day or so, a kind of personal experience example.

Much blessings.GG

More Lockdown=more time to enhance yourself.

Seems more so called national lockdown,s are imminent. Sadly the masses of unawakened humanity, think this is a negative ,fear time,   in fact it a time of positivity,a time to invest & work on.yourself while indoors,free from outside influences & pressure,in the comfort of your own home,. A time to reflect, meditate,exercise, pray,read,learn, & empower.
A Plethora of days to spend time understanding, gaining inner knowledge, knowing,wisdom, preparing yourself for the exciting future that is upon us & planet Earth..I urge you to forget negativity, loss of called freedom ETC..& embrace embrace , embrace, this joyful solitude. .I Love & bless you all…GG

Air that I Breathe

“peace comes upon me as I it in”

“All I need is the air that I Breathe to love you”

“All I need is the air that I Breathe yes I love you”

song by the Hollies

The air we breathe is sacred, the sacred breathe. A wonderful tool we all have to enhance our expansion, understanding ,growth & meditation… sometimes it really is the simple free stuff in life that helps us improve our life … treasure the breath. .lots of shinning love..GG

A blue moon & Halloween!!

WOW. A blue moon & Halloween tonight (a blue moon is the second full moon in a month). ..this duel event occurs every 19 years

Here is a Irish folklore associated with the Halloween jack-o- lantern symbol. Taken from Wikipedia: On his way home from a night of drinking, Jack encountered the “😈 & managed to trick it into climbing into a 🌲. A quick thinking Jack then etches the sign of the cross into the bark, thus trapping the 😈 .

Jack then strikes a bargain that Satan can never claim his soul. After a life of sin & drink Jack is refused entry to heaven when he dies, keeping his promise the 😈 refused to let Jack into hell & throws him a live coal straight from the fires of hell. It was a cold night ,so Jack places the coal in a hallowed out turnip, to stop it from going out, since which time Jack & his lantern, have been roaming looking for a place to rest.

The blue moon exudes phenomenal energy, this is probably where the saying “once in a blue moon” originates. There is also a belief the blue moon holds the knowledge of the triple goddess combined. It,s energy has a thinning of the dimensional veil effect, which ultimately helps to brighten your intuition, A really good time to meditate & because blue is the colour of the throat /voice chakra / energy centers, any affirmations you do will be have more clarity & be enhanced…having fun is essential.for ones being, so go ahead, but I advise against invoking or upsetting any dark spirits. Enjoy the night & especially the blue moon & it’s benificial energy.. blessings & love..GG