AI.. Malevolent before Benevolent?

Hollywood have made dozens of films & programmes about AI

In Star Trek (next generation) Data a high ranking crew member is a AI creation & very Benevolent.

In the film.2001 by Stanley Kubrick it is man verses AI a computer named Al..who when it realises the human astronauts want to.shut it down because it is considered more powerful then the human,fights against it. Malevolent.

In 3001 the last remaining human astronaut, merges with the AI..knowing he has lost his humanity, & his consciousness is rapidly being absorbed by A1 the computer , bowman (human ) manages to destroy AI, at the cost of his human intelligence,& goes back to his original starseed form.

Blade runner a film based on the book by Phillip K Dick..The so called Hero Decker (Benevolent) who thinks he’s fighting against human robots, is in fact a replicant himself ?

Terminator films , the controlling Skynet AI decides it is superior to humans & dose not need them, thus the terminators are created to destroy humanity.(Malevolent)

Matrix where humanity exist in , a AI created illusory reality.& Used as food for robotic /Alien beings (Malevolent.)

According to 2007 there were dozens of sightings of what were known has dragonfly drones, in the space of a few months they evolved dramatically from what was surprised simple surveillance drones, into fully armed flying robots..manufactured by human workers, from. suspected higher alien technology.

Interesting!!..are we going to use this potential direction for humanity for malevolence or Benevolence..perhaps malevolence at the dark investments emerge..but change is the new expression of spirit.

You are all blessed😍..GG

Alternative 3

On June 20th 1977 Anglia TV network..a UK TV company aired a Drama titled “Alternative 3”

The programme was about super power governments working together to come up with a solution to the Earth’s climate crises ( which was deemed massive destruction to the planet & humanity)

They came up with 3 alternatives..& agreed that alternative 3 was the best possible solution.

Alternative 3 was to construct spaceship’s.& transport the world’s elite to the moon & Mars..leaving the rest of humanity to their fate.

Since the early 1960,s it is thought government agencies around the globe have been kidnapping ordinary people for common labour turning them into mindless automations with advanced brainwashing..& using them in secret bases to assist in such a program as Alternative 3.

Today billionaires like Elon Musk, Geoff bezos & others are investing heavily in new space technology, NASA have funded Spacex a company owned by Elon musk, by $100,s of millions.

Space exploration is now in the hands of private investors, planning to eventually (not to far off) transport humans to Mars paving the way for future colonization.

NASA now concentrates on understanding sacred ancient civilization sites, where it is thought the secrets to advanced space technology is locatated on Earth.

Are the elites planning to eventually relocate on other planets?

Blessings in love..GG♥️

The USA Navy v Nazi UFO(saucers)

Just after was thought the master scientists & 3rd reich hierarchy of the Nazis scattered around the globe…Japan, Norway, Argentina, South America, & name a few..having accumulated massive wealth, from.stolen stripped assets & dozens of black U boats that were used to manovour the required resources like mercury the production of flying saucers weponary begun in Ernest..the infrastructure & technology.for the building of such craft was already in place, &many historians & scientists believe that had the war gone on for a couple more years,with this advanced weaponry the Nazis would have probably won.

The focal.point of UFO,flying saucer output was in Antarctica, secret underground bases were built .. in 1946 a fully equipped US military task force under the leadership of the much decorated Admiral Richard Byrd, was sent to investigate the rumours, they had prepared.for a 9 month mission, many battleship’s,& aircraft carriers laden with fighter planes.

In the Antarctica region opposite South America, the US task force, came under attack from what is now regarded as nazi produced flying saucers, the casualties were heavy, & knowing the enemy had won, the task force withdrew after 3 months.

Admiral Byrd was deverstated & spoke up about under prepared they were, he spoke of flying saucers & craft that were far beyond human technology,..don’t forget this is the same man who spoke about the hollow Earth people he encountered (the Agartheans.which I did a post on.)

Admiral Byrd was soon discharged & not long after found dead , reportedly killed by US authorities.

May God bless you, in live & light♥️..GG

Maria Horshic (German 1930?)

Maria Horshic, was a beautiful German mystic , who in the late 1920,s 30,s belonged to a secret society known as “Devril”…

It was at one of this group’s meetings she suddenly went into a trance & began to channel information from a being belonging to the Alderbaren star system…she drew diagrams of advanced flying crafts , (saucers).

Maria Horshic was a Friend of Rudolph Hess who was at the time a close associate of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, & having seen these drawings used them to try & raise his standings in the National Socialist Party of Germany..the information was meant to be given to help create peace in the world.

Rudolph Hess became 2nd in command in the, & he was interested in occult , & we must not forget he came over to England to broker peace with the then UK prime minister Neville Chamberlain.

These plans & drawings resembled the ideas of a Austrian sceintist a few years previously, Victor Schalberber ..the Nazis kidnapped Schalberber & got him to work for them on the flying saucer technology channelled through Maria Horschic, based on the light beings of the Alderbaren star system.

Most of this technology.was ready for development towards the end of WW2..the Nazis had the technology, scientists & know how, but lacked essential investment, like oil,& mercury to create the really profound stuff, but they certainly produced superior weapons then the it became evident that they would lose before the mass production of flying saucers weponary could be completed, the top third reich associates took all their mostly stolen assets & advanced weaponry plans & fled to Argentina,Norway,& Antarctica..

The dark tendencies of Adolf Hitler,& his elite group, is one reason why the light beings have been reluctant to share advanced technology with us, it could have end d up destroying us, the Americans developed the Atomic bomb from such part 2 I will discuss the battle that the decorated Admiral.Byrd had with Nazi flying saucers on the Antarctica in 1940.

Blessings GG😎


In 90yrs there will be no dark low density humans on Earth….this is a highly probable timeline potential.

Only 4th density or higher will beautiful this is..GG😄

Opening up

Opening up completely to the universe/source energy can be scary, often due to our fear of being influenced by dark entities or of the unknown that expansion brings with it.

We do not feel comfortable with change or what we don’t understand. Therefore we restrict our stepping into unity & oneness & seeing all through the eye of source.

In dealing with the fear of dark entities influence, know that light has won, the only dark left is what you still believe within yourself , any dark influences are self created.. because you & only you create it..create light & dark cannot exist.

The fear of change & the unknown are both linked with your dark energy , fear,is the absolute primary weapon of darkness..once again light has won, the new expansion of consciousness is “embrace change” step fearlessly into the unknown, your light will.sweep aside any restrictions you have been imposing on yourself.

Change is the light continuum it is the embracing spirit that will carry you forward into the ever opening up of your limitless infinate dark can exist in your world of light, & other people,s dark is only their own individualized experience of it through free will.

Open up fully, bring into unity all the different aspects of yourself, ground yourself into Earth ,& merge your human form self into the multi-faceted you.. acknowledge all that you are, & bathe every aspect in.light, become light energy,.. opening up frees you ,heals & removes dark from not only you but the planet…move into the higher consciousness divide of humanity Earth,..become the light continuum of earth’s split, & be the magnificent light human being that you are

Love & gratitude GG🤩

Collective consciousness

These are the collective consciousness of humanaity

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Abundance
  • Fun
  • Play
  • Laughter
  • Peace

If asked this is what the majority of us really wants…it is this subconscious energy that when expressed has helped create the expanding light on Earth.

How many people do you know that actually wants hate, jealousy,lack,illness, boredom,sadness war…?

You are all beautiful & magnificent beings..GG🧡🌈