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No need to be lonely ,you are never alone, just let spirit in.. there are more friends there then you will ever need…GG

A consciousness Love Train.

Evolution is simple.

Join the subconscious Love Train, It travels the 🌎..& tickets are free.

“I GG am driving it. Tee

Equality,DNA,& the divine feminine.

Most of us have experienced at least one past life as a male & female.

The female due to her life giving ability has always been been able to access her spiritual,god, source energy easier then the male.

Since the beginning of our Pleiadian birthed humanity, females have always been considered as the Shaman of the people, nearly all the indigenous people understood this knowledge & the Shaman of these people were woman.. there was a divine equality, men & women respected each other’s gifts & talents, & worked together for the benefit of all.

Originally In order to bring equal balance between the light & dark energies our DNA worked at 35%..You see light is stronger then dark, so only 35% of light is needed to balance 65% of Humanity began life on this planet in an equalibriam of dark & light consciousness..

Why you may ask?.. the test of humanity with a prime directive of Free choice, in consciousness was to see if we could evolve enough to bring the planet Earth & ourselves to an higher consciousness

While humanities average Dna activation was at 35% the dark energy could not prevail… equality between males & females was in balance.

Over the centuries , particularly after the fall.of Lemuria..which was one of the longest civilizations on Earth, humanity through free choice & a reduction in our DNA capacity to around 25%, fell.into a higher dark energy thinking pattern, war, jealousy,greed,slavery, hatred, became the Akosh repeating patterns , & Karma came about…

The biggest change however was the differential change in humanity between men & women, the balance was gone, men took on a more dominant role ,& women were gradually degraded down to less then that of animals, each generation birthed thereafter could only remember the continued dna Akosh stored records that places women lower then men, the magnificence of women as wise women,healers,shaman & closeness to god/source was buried & forgotten, by all but the indigenous & the various masters..thus the unequal often barbaric , humiliating treatment of women throughout history…

This once again is changing, as our dna structure is once again being restored , it is now at around 31%..,,& growing, full recognition of the female may not occur till it once again reaches 35+ but most of the world are moving in the right direction..but the retreating dark energy still holds some power over egotistic men who still cannot relinguish their power & sexually superior old energy 3D linear thinking & women who still believe they deserve to be treated inappropriately.

But soon the divinity of the feminine energy will prevail in it’s full glory, as both men & women respect each other’s qualities…this is why I continue to explain that the new spiritual paradym,s are all about DNA & Akosh remembering & asking…a higher innate working dna structure is how this will come about.

The divine feminine is glorious & a beautiful flower in full unification with the male we both become one in magnificent benevolent compassionate love…GG

A simple remember.

WE ARE EXTRA Terrestrial… simples. Lol.


Gender confusion.

In past lifetimes we have been male & female.

We tend to be one particular gender for dozens of lifetimes, then we suddenly switch genders in our next life…this adjustment because of our past Akosh remembering causes a gender confusion within us, which can take 3 lifetimes to adjust to…this is natural, yet 3D linear thinking makes judgements on people this is happening to..this bias is gradually coming to an end, as more of us embrace the understanding & compassion of the new energy & new human…& The knowing that we have all been through this..self judgement is so

You are all beautiful & magnificent exactly as you are NOW…GG♂️♀️πŸ₯°

Princess Latifa

Another example of the dark energy being exposed for the world to see.

This time the mega rich privileged Arab states & their predominantly male self ruling elite..the change is upon us..The king of U.A.E..has forcibly held his own daughter hostage. This totally inappropriate in the new energy.

Princess Latifa is a beautiful young woman who simply wants to live a free life that she deserves.

This male ruling Arab elite come to an end .. princess Latifa will be freed,..the United Nations will.ensure this, a beautiful growing light organization that is delving into the dark to rescue the feminine spirit..

Hip hip hooray.. the stories of light exposing dark & winning are becoming more evident every day…

Remember this is truly a magnificent time to be alive….. blessings to you all..πŸ’—…GG

The “Huldufolk”(elves )of Iceland.

Iceland is another of those wonderful countries where energy grids overlap.

It has Volcanoes, & the hidden people “Huldufolk” (elves)..they are real beings that live in nature in a parellel world to the humans, they have the ability to make themselves visible at will.

The throwing of stones is frowned upon as they may hit the hidden people. At a 2006, 54% of Icelanders believed in the hidden people, will be interesting to see what that percentage is now .lol.

The dancing with elves was common until at least the 17th century..the elves carry a special spiritual & etherical presence ..the Huldufolk have been known about since about 1000ad, & are often associated with Icelandic folklore & Christianity.

In the East of Iceland in a small town “Borgafjoundur Eystri” there is a famous Elf church.

There have been thousands of instances where construction in Iceland had to be halted or diverted due to Elf churches or houses in the vincinty, which was usually resolved using a elf negotiator, somebody who could see & speak with the Elves.

Even the famous Icelandic “Blue Lagoon” the elves had a part to play ..during it’s construction the elves wanted the building to stay low key, so they remained during the construction.

How beautifully charming to be surrounded by so many other brings & this higher consciousness & multi-dimensionalty… to be alive today is so amazing.. I love you allπŸ€ͺ …GG

The” Little People” of Ireland.

Ireland is one of the few places on the planet were energy grids has a very high consciousness & if you have or should ever visit the “the emerald isle” you can feel the energy & know how special it is.

The little people of Ireland are real…they were an ancient tribe of Ireland,..& ruled the country from around 1700-1897bc. They landed on the Connacht coastline , emerging from a great mist, they were a very civilised & cultured people. They had 4 great talismans..the ” stone of Fal” which was meant to identity a king .it was placed on the hill of Tara, Island,s seat of the high king’s”. The “Magic sword of Nuadha” a mighty weapon that would kill.with one blow ..”The sling shot of the sun god Lugh” who’s, accuracy was unsurpassed..& the “Cauldron of Daghda” which was forever filled with Irish

There reign came to an end when they were defeated by a great might army of “Milesians ” modern day Celts..they fled & went underground ,were they became known as the faries..

Referenced from the “information of Ireland ” website.

There is beautiful, wonderful energy everywhere…what an amazing planet we live on ..I leave you with blessings to Earth mother Gaia…much love GG

The master..a personal vision.

I walk bewildered from the softest swirling mist into the beautiful Oasis.

The sky was beautiful, vibrant & sparkling, a multitude of stars twinkling in multi-dimensional wonder.

This is my Akosh, DNA, remembering flowing back..I see the flickering of a figure sitting cross legged by a crystal clear pond, the water shows,the figures reflection…one moment it shimmers into the vague form of a male, the next a beautiful woman, then it becomes translucent & light bearing.

I approach in awed respect. The figure beckons me to sit next to it.. head bowed I obey.

We sit in a mesmerizing clandestine silence..I sense this beings benevolence,& compassion it embraces me in majestic heartbreaking way. I weep, in joy. ,happiness & divinity. We do not speak, but we communicate ..I am part of this being ,this being is part of me, we are one, family,both from the stars ,old souls, melding knowing—I look once again, the figure is no more , I am alone, at peace & loved by source ..I should know I am everything..

You are all amazing..much love & blessings in consciousness…πŸ’–..GG