Evoke V Invoke

When you INVOKE..you call on ( a deity or spirit) in prayer..outside of yourself. When you EVOKE..you bring or recall a feeling ,memory or image ..to the conscious mind .inside of your self. Blessings GG πŸ’šπŸ˜‡

The Gift

This is in honour of my beautiful, wonderful, compassionate sister-in-law Patricia, who crossed back over the veil on Saturday. The gifts she left me will.always stay with me..I am still coming to terms with it, I have been imbued with her beautiful positive aligned energy, it is only energy actually, that has somehow been transferred […]

Further to Emotions & feelings.

In a follow up to my previous post, the experience I had with the passing of my magnificent, beautiful, sister-in-law Patricia..This experience has been the 1st death in my family since the new energy of 2012..so on reflection it did not surprise me it was radically different to past bereavements .. different energies old & […]

Emotions & Feeling

My beautiful sister -in – law , went back beyond the veil on Saturday 17th June…her energy was so together, I had a magnificent , sweet , connection & understanding with her…Sunday 18th July my Earthly emotion with her emerged , my energy was tight,knotted & my I AM source flow had to circumvent the […]

3D linear illusory Freedom

This is how Euston station in London was today after what was deemed Freedom day in the UK.after all the Covid lockdown restrictions. Of course this is just 3D linear thinking freedom..we have,will.& Always are free..as a sovereign aspect of source..so.many.people have still bought into this control /freedom illusory reality.. But at least it shows […]

A false alien invasion!

The Illuminati have for years been planning a false alien invasion..they are of course in the main aligned dark/negative humans aligned with negative higher density allies ..the plan is to get their allies to attack, causing panic, & then rescue us from the alien threat, in the pursuing aftermath, they will bring in stringent emergency […]

Alive Tomorrow

Fear not embrace joy, happiness & the planet..99% of us will be alive Tomorrow to experience more,understand more,evolve more, & see more Change on the planet. The joys of life.. yippee 🌺πŸ€ͺ🧑