13: The number of the universal rays,flames & lights.

Lockdown, not a year lost.. much gained.

So many people feel as if they have lost a year of their lives. Personally I know I have gained 5.

During the year or so of lockdown, I have grown spirituality in amazing ways, that I know that would have taken 5 yrs had this not happened.

The uplifting, expansive, compassionate love of light & higher density benevelant beings has been there throughout, this has never been a time of negativity, as so many may have perceived . Activity busy,busy, was the old energy, where very few people would take time to stop & just be.

The new human is totally about being, activity is simply a choice , that is atΒ  times required for a balance of our totatilly.

Humanity during this time of lockdown has either imploded & craved the old ways or embraced their own.magnifcence.

I personally did !!..as I believe many others did also..this period of time was despite many of humanity protesting a time of complete freedom from the old world.

In gratitude ,respect & love πŸ’œ..GG

No forcing,just a gentle easing

As previously stated May is an awesome time energy wise..look anywhere on YouTube or the internet – all the benevelant channels are more or less saying the same.

The forcing of spirituality,spirit,light,god source energy is not required, a simple calm,steady awareness of love & the light codes that are coming late May onwards is all that is required..the only real action consciousnessly is not to buy into any of the main media’s bias & negativity. A gentle easing, into what is arriving , no need to figure it out, it will wash in & over you if you are aware, just accept this beautiful, exhilarating gift that God/source in its oneness is providing , it part of the grand plan of our & Earth’s expansion..human consciousness has met the criteria that was sitting in the fields of potentials for this evolution… enjoy it, embrace it, bless in it, be humble & expand with it.

You have my love πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–..GG

26th May full moon.

Mays full.moon energy wise is going to be Earth upgrade day..lol.

Since April 11th only 4th density humans beings who die will be be capable of reincarnating back on Earth

This is the great planet divide that has happened, Earth has began its shift into 4d/5D, humanity is now in spiritual duality, either light or dark , those who are still predominantly negative will upon death on their next incarnation be born on a planet of low dark density, where they will continue to carry on learning their lessons.

This is why it is so.important for humans to.through choice (will)to become 4th density vibrational postivitly charged beings, if they wish to help continue the changes on the fantastic new Earth that is happening.

The higher density benevolent beings of light who have looked over us & Earth throughout time, are now continuing with their mission & in order to accelerate this process of evolution from May,s full moon (26th ) there will be a massive influx of new borns that will be already activated starseed beings, aware & of 4th density conscious or above. This will.automatically bring about the start of humanities DNA upgrade .The Pleidians & others also.intend to bombard Earth with love,light consciousness energy codes , to help.lift all lightworkers & those already on the expansion journey ,& with the intention of awakening many more.

We truly do.live in startling, magnificent light imbued times

I send you all benevolent blessings & joy ..GG😍🧑