Illusion,Dreams and Duality

We live in a 9 dimensional illusionary dream. Where we are both dreamer and dreamed.. therefore you can create your most beautiful dreamed reality, or the opposite of that or simply know you are all and observe both. How incredible is this? Nothing is real except your sovereign true source light .So relax, lighten up,play […]

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Humanity and purpose

This is my own personal perspective: Humanity was specifically created to delve into and understand the mechanisms of the 3D dark dense realm..we have gone deeper into the dark nebula then any other created being..and not only have survived , but in our magnificence found our way back to the light, and now with other.light […]

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The key is not to suppress your thoughts,feelings and emotions..Allow them to rise observe them and let them dissipate. Blessings in love GG💞

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So called problems and emotions are caused by the various types of energy densites in your emotional body Lots of love 💓 GG

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