New QFS.

QFS. (Quantum financial system) key points:
.never go back to old financial system.
.No more quantitative easing (free money printing)
.All existing FIAT money replaced.
.The US central banking system no.longer owned by the Federal reserve.
.No more paper notes (fiat).
.No more Swift.
.No more monatry slavery.
.A new rainbow currency backed by gold supply.
.banks have to have at least 7% of their total assets readily available.
.Instant payments on all contracts.
.Digital gold currency certificates.
.No Taxes , a 15%. World
wide tax on new items.
.build and rebuild countries on 1950,s prices .
.Free energy.
These are only some of the the massive financial changes that are happening NOW.
Prosperity and wealth for all love GG💜🙏


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