Pisces Energy passing:

Pisces Energy.
remember everything is Energy and it’s inter-relating vibrating Patten’s.
Astrologist use our birth star energy pattern to determine our basic human characteristics.
Right now we coming to the end of the Pisces energy which ends (20th) March. Pisces is the 12th Zodiacal sign..which is in truth the end of the Zodiacal time space year. So in effect we are entering a new energy timeline.
Your own particular birth sign energy effects the energy of the current one ,as the energy vibrations of each merge, and react differently. Now the Piscean energy is generally of a dreamy and intuitive nature , now these two particular energies will climax tomorrow, as they do so, your own particular birth sign traits will also be effected, so each birth sign experience will be different for example a Virgo ( Aug23-Sept 22) may experience feel more emotionally vulnerable.
The idea of this post is simply to make you more aware of that so often used statement “Everything is Energy” because everything is and the more we all become aware of varying energy patterns the easier it is to not only align yourself to the higher frequencies,but heal your own self-defacing negative dark ones.
Blessings GG 💜🙏🌹


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