The Breakthrough consciousness.

We are currently in.our evolution at what I term as ” The breakthrough consciousness” humanity’s collective conscious energy has spread throughout the heart ❤️ crystalline grid of our earth 🌍 mother the living energy conscious entity known as Gaia. This unification of positive aligned energy has increased the ascension time space merging and therefore the accelerated process of our collective awakening to the lower Densities of 5D.
As this has been happening, the gifted light upgrades from.our benevolent galactic families has been able to penetrate.what was previously an impenetrable dark negative controlled matrix energy consciousness. This light has aided the merged crystalline ❤️grid to be expand outward ,a pulling up if you like through the holes and major areas of the fast crumbling elite induced illusion of sepertation from our true open space connection.
Billions (probably 2/3 ) of individual humans have or are still being pulled into this realm of now awareness experiences, whereby they can without manipulation pick their own paths and the experiences they choose out of the limitless timelines that are always simultaneously available.
The breakthrough consciousness is our escape route from repression,and complicated duality energies. Once free from this our choices are simply do I choose to become a negative aligned energy being.or a positive one, it is only darkness that distorts negativity, our natural free choice state some negative experiences are a way to grow , because we do not judge them as such in an higher dimensional awareness.
Humanity I am forever at your service.. blessings GG 💜🙏🌹


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