The πŸŒ’

So many scientists and astrophysicist are delving into the secrets of our πŸŒ’. The 1st anomaly is the moon’s orbit around the Earth 🌍. It rotates in such a way that only one face (side) is ever visible from Earth..hence the term the dark side of the moon. No other known moons orbit in this manner. Many therefore believe the moon and
It’s orbit are artificial and the moon itself is hollow., was it created by an advanced race using alien technology . Nasa have deliberately crashed craft (probes) on the surface with seismic metres nearby to register any movement and happenings. The following is in NASA,s own words ” The moon reacted like a gong,for 3 hours it vibrated and these vibrations travelled to a depth of approximately 22-30 miles ,like a bell ringing”.
It is known that alien (Reptilian and gray) domed cities were concealed on the far side of the moon ,concealed from earth.
Our moon was made around 6.2 billion years ago earth linear time around the 17th planet if Urla Minor ,a binary sun β˜€οΈ system of 21 planets and 47 moons. It was put into a tail of an asteroid and brought into our solar system,and like most moons is a satellite.
Lots of ancient cultures mention a time before the moon.Zulu legend for example mention this and talk about a Reptilian race. JOB 25/25 psalm 75 refers to a time before the moon.
In our hollow moon are huge underground facilities built by ET,s and later humans brought from earth . Many of the craters have been artificially created and those on the far side were in fact domed cities that were destroyed during a war around 113,000 yrs ago.
The surface base consisted of 9 domed cities .
The military complex of the moon is now underground,entrances to this alien human base is at both poles.
The Deep State black government has created more openings and is currently expanding the underground complex for the purpose of private scientific and military agendas for the world order. The personal consists of the Reptilian, half human/Reptilian and those who would be known as human. There are approximately 36,000 humans from earth in this main underground complex.
The world order had about 53 earth built UFO type space craft on the moon.
Please note this situation may well have changed since this information was given by the among others the Andromedons, (as according to Alex Collier)and leading cutting edge investigators and research experts, owing to a decree by the galactic federations for all negative aligned forces to withdraw from the moon or face certain consequences.
Blessings in beautiful love GG πŸ’œπŸŒΉ


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